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Found 85 results

  1. I'd really love to be a able to define how shift rotate snaps. ie if i could choose other integers than just 15deg or rotating to the decimal point or having to type it., or at least please make the shift-rotate per 5deg or smth cause the 15deg feels like a huge handicap for me. if there's a solution and i just havent figured it out please someone let me know thanks to anyone that read this :) be well all.
  2. I think its been motioned before but please add in the ability to use the rotate command in the cintqe touch Wacom to allow for canvas rotation and zoom!!!! Also the ability to map canvas rotate to the touch ring on a standard Wacom!!!
  3. Hello, I have checked the forum but did not find this rotate issue, when I open any image file and then rotate via document menu and try to export via export persona it saves the file with the original orientation but the image it self will be rotated regardless, have attached image to show what I mean. also you can not undo the rotate and then export the image file as it just makes the rotation problem worse, you need to close and reopen the image without saving thank you for the help regards chris
  4. Hello! Affinity Photo is awesome! I love it! I have downloaded it and works great! It could be even better if you add a very useful tool for illustrators: Canvas Free Rotation. Affinity Photo brushes are beautiful, and I love to use them in my artworks, but the software should be able to rotate the canvas arbitrary, as we rotate our sketchbooks while drawing. The brush experience will be flawless! I'm a Wacom user, and my Intuos has the "Canvas Rotation" tool. I know it works in Photoshop and Sketchbook, so I know Affinity can make it available for us in the coming update. ;)
  5. The following workflow generates a wrong result: - open a jpg image - 'Anordnen'->'Vertikal Spiegeln' (German caption) - Open Liquify Persona - Use 'Move left' or 'Move forward' => Watch the result inside Liquify Persona - Click 'Anwenden' (German caption) => Watch the result in Photo Persona The performed liquify will be shown in the opposite direction
  6. Hi there, it would be great if it would be possible to rotate a guideline so that it is possible to adjust an angle. In an old version of Corel Draw it was possible to rotate the guidelines by moving one endmarker of it in the ruler. (Please find the attached jpg on the bottom) This was a very easy way to freely place and adjust the guidelines. Regards Hardy
  7. I would like to hold a key down with a selected object and be able to rotate and size using the trackpad gestures. Need to get away from using this handlebar nonsense! Another great feature would be to use Force Touch to set a pivot/transform point in relation to the object. For example, I often want to rotate an element with the pivot point in on the side, not the center. Supporting holding down a keyboard button to constrain to preset amounts (e.g. 45º for rotation, 10px for transform) should still work too.
  8. See my post https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30038-ad-repeat-rotate/ about repeating rotations using command-J. Two bugs: (1) precision (2) rotation around the wrong centre when typing into the transform box.
  9. May be a silly question - I brought in three images to edit and wanted to switch one to landscape. Is there a quick way to rotate the canvas including image without using the doc settings?
  10. Using Windows Photo Beta and having copied an area to a new pixel layer. Placing the Rotation Centre cursor in the desired spot on the new pixel layer and double clicking will not hold the rotation center in desired position, immediately returning to center of selection. This error is repeatable nad has only held for me twice in many attempts.
  11. I have found that when using the rotation handle on an object to rotate the object, the stated angle of rotation is not the actual angle of rotation. To test this, I set up a document that is 200 mm x 200 mm, and drew a line from x=100, y=0 to x = 100, y=200. That is 200 mm vertical line down the centre of the canvas. Then I - duplicated the line using Command-J - using the rotation handle, I rotated the line around it's centre 3 degrees - duplicated this rotated line (Command-J) - Command-J - Command-J - etc Each time the tool's feedback gave a rotation angle of 3.0 degrees. However, the angle was less. By the time the line was duplicated/rotated to horizontal (90 degrees), the actual angle of rotation for this line from vertical was 88.8. The grey lines in the attached screenshot are where the red lines (rotated using Command J & with rotation handle set to 3.0 degrees) should have ended up. When setting an angle using the object's rotation handle to a whole number, e.g. 3.0 degrees, this should snap to 3.00000... degrees exactly; not 2.96 degrees. I'm using AD 1.5, but this was a problem in earlier versions as well. Or is there a way to snap to whole units (degrees) when using the objects rotation tool? Angle Test.afdesign
  12. Hello, I am working on a presentation preview of existing pieces, so I imported embedded PDF files into AD. When I attempt to rotate one of the embedded document layers, the colored objects within them leak past the boundaries. Is this a known bug? I have attached the file in question, the "Biz Card" layer specifically is the one with the issue. Thanks! Rotate Bug.afphoto.zip
  13. Forgive me if this has already been addressed. I did some looking, but couldn't find anything. In AD, is there a way to make tools such as align (object), text tool, and nudge respect the current rotation of the canvas with regard to creation and manipulation? I'm sure it's no easy task, and understand why the program would behave this way—respecting the object's coord/origin according to the artboard—but it just seems counterintuitive at times. Don't get me wrong, the ability to rotate the canvas is fantastic, especially when it comes to packaging work, but not being able to manipulate objects in an intuitive way when the canvas is rotated counteracts the benefit a little. Thanks! :)
  14. Hi all, I'm new to Affinity Photo, and I've searched the forum, and tried "help", and can't seem to be able to find a way to adjust the rotation of an image to straighten the horizon of that image. All of the rotation commands seem to have a predetermined amount of rotation, and I need to rotate freely. Any ideas? Thanks, John
  15. I'm sure this has been requested before, but a live canvas rotation tool is absolutely essential for serious illustration work. Thanks for making such a great product and not requiring a membership!
  16. I'm not sure if a rotation tool makes sense, but the ability to set a rotation point on and copy an object multiple times around that point would be useful.
  17. I must be missing something: I can see the controls for 90 and 15 degree rotations, but there is no arbitrary (as in, fill in your own angle) rotations. Is there any way to rotate the canvas by a user-supplied angle?
  18. Steps to reproduce: 1. Draw some objects 2. Select all objects 3. Rotate the objects in any way 4. Press Command+G or right click and "Group" in context menu Actual result: Selection box of grouped objects is wrong. Expected result: Right result we can see if we group the objects before rotating them.
  19. Is it possible to snap to points or objects when rotating an object?
  20. I know this has been asked at least a couple of times, but I am still needing to copy, edit in illustrator, then paste in order to perform transforms (rotate, scale, move) on selected nodes. Can we please get either an indicator of whether this is going to be addressed soon or any workarounds/workflows that can make this less painful? The more I dive into original works in Designer the more I don't understand how artists cope without this capability? Many thanks in advance - John
  21. Misplaced objects after rotating page (unticking portrait option) including: —phantom second highlighted object —misplaced objects —unexpected undo behaviour see video: http://cl.ly/3a0F1s1m271b Happens using: 1.4.2 beta 3 1.4.1
  22. Hi, How do I rotate just a selected series of nodes in a curve? I.e., on a continuous section? (Or in fact, do any transformation on only part of a curve or shape?) thanks, - pbass
  23. Do you have other ways to do somethings 3ds like the screenshot that I see shear and rotate at 0 degree? or I'm misled about this. There're hidden features or It's just a mock-up.
  24. Hello! It's my first post here! Affinity Designer looks very promising, you have done great work! There's only couple key features thats' missing: - rotate canvas tool. This is must have feature if you are going to make affinity perfect for illustrators like me who uses Wacom cintiq and intuos. This feature works perfectly in Corel Painter (and pretty well in Sketchbook pro and PS) but there is no vector drawing software with this feature. I mean there's no way to draw naturally if you can't rotate canvas. - appearance panel (like in Ai). I use this feature all the time.
  25. Not sure if this has been asked yet but is there a way to rotate or scale an object from a user defined origin instead of the default centre of the object?