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  1. Thanks Toltec, I found it. Good suggestion for Designer devs to put the bleed settings in the Create New Document dialog too?
  2. I'm having an issue where my artwork extends outside the canvas, however when I export the PDF with bleed, there's no where to set the bleed. Is the bleed set via the "Margins" ? That seems to be the only thing that I can find in relation to the document/canvas (using both latest RC versions of Designer and Photo).
  3. Would really love this layer blending effect. Would make things much easier when applying layer styles like colour/gradient overlay set to dissolve for texturing shapes. Having to make manual masks is time consuming.
  4. Add me to the list of wanting BMP support. In fact, the more image formats you can support exporting to the better.
  5. +1 this feature. When harddrive space is low, having a folder of 1gb JPGs being copied/embedded into a 1gb+ afdesign file is not ideal. Being able to select individual images to switch between embedded/linked could be nice too. There will admittedly be architecture and UX complexities (when file is externally updated, might need user to instigate refreshing image link, like InDesign), but just the base feature with a right-mouse "reload link..." could be nice enough.
  6. Would be great to have it natively supported in Affinity Designer. Thanks @obtusity for the quick workaround.
  7. I'm unsure if I'm using Designer properly (and it would be frustrating if it's not as intuitive as I thought) but I'm trying to get overprint to happen in my document. I've added my colours as global and checked the overprint option. I export to a PDF and then print it and none of the overprinted colours are actually being overprinted. Is there also a way to preview the overprint in Designer? Aside from manually setting layer blend mode to something like "multiply" (cheap & not-accurate trick).
  8. Invision has Craft which is a suite of plugins for Photoshop and Sketch. To have some kind of API to build plugins for AD would be amazing and would allow it to interop better with a wide variety of applications & services. Sketch's benefit is that it is highly pluggable, and I think AD needs it to be competitive (I'm getting annoyed having to restart AD everytime I enable a font via my font management software).
  9. Is it possible that this "Rasterise to Mask..." could be included in the right-mouse context menu when clicking a layer? I use it a lot and it's annoying having to always go up to the "Layer > Rasterise as Mask..." option. When I right-click a layer it only has "Rasterise..." option (and probably why I didn't find it in my travels earlier).
  10. Cool, thanks for that @MEB. I knew there'd be something, just wasn't sure where.
  11. I've selected a black and white pixel layer (no transparent pixels) with the mask tool, copied to clipboard (CMD + C), then edit a mask layer and trying to paste in the copied pixel layer data but it only keeps pasting a new Pixel layer instead of pasting the image data into the mask I'm editing. To me this isn't ideal behaviour! What am I doing wrong?
  12. My expected behaviour of exporting an artboard is that the slice should match the artboard size, not the artwork size in the artboard. If my artboard is 100x100 and the artwork is 101x101, then I want the slice to be the artboard's dimension.
  13. I too would love an Animation persona in Affinity Designer. It doesn't need the timeline abilities like Photoshop (yet) but supporting frame-by-frame animation and exporting animated GIFs would be a great start.
  14. I'm in the "New Batch Job..." window, but it's missing a "Save to PSD" option. Please add! Or at least let me do batch exports based on an export preset...
  15. I guess my point about the shortcut is that it was a shortcut to fill with the primary colour or with the secondary color. I get the fill dialog when holding down FN + SHIFT + F5, but maybe if I could remap each direct fill operation (rather than choose from the prompt) it could be nicer...
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