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  1. This is RIDICULOUS! I just found out about this when I was working on something. The Brushes in a vector based application are not vectors! Is this feature even in Affinity's road map?
  2. I think it's gonna be a great improvement if you can add the same brush stabilizer, but for the Freehand selection tool. It would make it easier and more accurate especially on the iPad. Thank you
  3. Thank you, I didn't know about it, but I still think to be able to collapse panels and show them by clicking on a little icon is much easier and faster and practical. So I think we still need this feature.
  4. Side panels use so much space, it is really annoying on small screens. Please consider adding this feature to be able to collapse side panels and open them when needed. See an example from Photoshop before and after:
  5. Thank you all for your help, (Live Diffuse) filter is the closest thing to what I needed. So thanks JimmyJack. I didn't want to create an ellipse, I wanted to use it as a style, it is a bit tricky because I had to use masks to keep the dots within shapes, otherwise they would go all over the place, this is my test:
  6. Is there a dissolve layer option in Affinity (photo or designer) because I couldn't find it! Or is there any other way to create that effect? Example from Photoshop in the image below. Thank you.
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