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  1. Thank you!, MY FAULT! I was talking about Affinity Designer 1.5.5 for Mac OSX. But I forgot to check if there was an update... 1.6. Sorry and thanks!
  2. Hello everybody! I'm quite new and I was trying to find a way to put down a "feature request". Actually this place is both interesting and confusing, So I hope to do it right: I post here a feature request. It would be great to have the option to center text vertically. So, instead of being stuck in: I'm requesting something like: Would be great to have in the menu: Great work, by the way! Cheers! Jack
  3. Hi, Thanks for the technical answer on the choices which stand behind that Affinity Designer behaviour. Not being a pro, I think I'd read it twice to understand that "under the hood". The strange fact is that AI and Preview OSX viewer react differently even for the same exported PDF. From an basic-user point of view all that seems pretty random. Of course is 'cause of angles and it's not random, but the standard user doesn't know which algorithm the PDF viewer/editor programmer decide to use; that means that the result is unpredictable anyhow. And thanks for the workaround that you have suggested (convert to curves). But can you tell me if the quick-dirty solution of putting a miter to 0,5 is a good one? JS
  4. Thanks Chris_K. Just a note: When Cia.pdf is opened in AI, the stroke's miter is 1,4 and not 1,41 as in AD. In AI I've tried to change the the miter to 1,41 but it reverts back to 1,4; probably AI doesn't accept centesimal values. Then I've set the miter to 1,5 and everything went well - corners are displayed as in AD. JS
  5. Hi everybody, I've built a simple 12pt black text with a 1pt white stroke applied to it and with miter join set to 1,41 (default value). Exporting to PDF: If I try to export to PDF, the result has problem with the stroke. • I opened the PDF with Preview (Apple) and it seems that the stroke in some corners become a bevel and in other corners become a miter, apparently randomly. • I opened the PDF with Adobe Illustrator, and the same problem shows up but in different places. • I opened the PDF back with Affinity Designer and the problem is not there (uh?!). I'm attaching a screenshot with AD, AI and Preview with annotation circles: • problems annotated: I'm also attaching the original AD file "Cia.afdesign" and the exported PDF "Cia.pdf": • Cia.afdesign • Cia.pdf Thanks, JackSante PS. Apart from bugs – Awesome job Affinity! ;)
  6. Hello everybody, I'd rather suggest the moderators to close this post and to put a reference to a more updated post related to the "text on path" topic because this post nowadays is misleading. Now "text on path" has been implemented on Affinity Designer. Searching "text on path" on Google pops up this stream of posts in this forum and this can be confusing. JackSante
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