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  1. I would like to see this feature too, I used it a lot in Photoshop. It makes refining a mask much easier.
  2. OK, Thanks for the info MEB
  3. I just combined a panorama using multiple CR2 files shot in Portrait mode using AF 1.6.6. When done I get a panorama displayed verticle so I go to View>Rotate> either left or right depending on the images. But I have to do this 6 times to make it rotate 90 degrees. I’ve tried 3 different panoramas shot in portrait mode and they all do this. Is this normal? I don’t think I tried this with the previous version so I don’t know if it’s different. I’m using OS X 10.12.6 I’ll attach a screen shot of two rotates going on a third.
  4. Yes, it is working fine now. Thanks.
  5. Yes, it's cropping out the transparent space. It's not showing too well in the uploaded image but it's a checkerboard transparent section, not actually all white. If you click on the image to see it larger you can see the pattern.
  6. When I rotate a CR2 image 90º clockwise in the Develop module it does just what it should. However, when I finish and it goes into the Photo persona the lower part is a white transparency. I've tried this on several portrait shot images and they all do the same. I'm using OS X 10.12.6. Here's one example.
  7. Using V 1.6.4 Beta 4 I just ran into a labeling issue in the New Live Filter Layers. I wanted to run a Vignette live filter and noticed it's listed twice. The first one actually brings up a New Live Halftone filter and the second brings up the Vignette. I didn't see this brought up in my search. I'll attach a couple of screen shots.
  8. I figured it out, I have to use the Serif RAW engine not Apple's in the developer assistant, then it works. It's been reported.
  9. Hello Sean, I'll attach a couple of panorama files shot in landscape mode if you want to give it a try. This morning I downloaded the latest Beta 4 and it still didn't work. I then remembered I had changed to use Apple's raw engine in the developer assistant with no tone curve applied. Same as I did in V1.5.2. So using 1.6.4 I tried changing it back to use Serif's and suddenly it worked. Also the batch job now works too. So for some reason with the Beta version Apple's raw developer doesn't work for panoramas or batch jobs but it does in 1.5.2. Interesting. By the way, I'm using Sierra 10.12.6
  10. If I try and use CR2 files for a panorama in 1.6.4 the result is an error saying "no panoramas found". I need to convert them to tiffs or something else. Version 1.5.2 can use the CR2 files in the panorama feature no problem.
  11. Using 1.6.4 I've tried several times to do a batch job converting .cr2 files to tiffs and each time I only get solid black images as the result. This works fine with 1.5.2, I'm doing nothing different. I then tried converting to .aphoto and I get the same results, solid black images.
  12. I also can't export without it crashing using Sierra 10.12.6. I resize then change the quality to 77, it crashes on the final save to screen. Have to resort to 1.5
  13. I would like the ability to put a selection from a pixel layer directly to a black mask, that is holding Option key while clicking on the mask icon. As it exists, it ignores the selection and puts a completely black mask up. My only way around it is to put the selection on a white mask, then invert the mask. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for the replies, I'll go ahead and submit this as a future request.
  15. When I make a selection on a pixel layer then hold the option key, click on mask to create a black mask the selection is ignored and I get a totally black mask. The only way I can get around this is to make a regular mask from the selection, then invert it. I'm using versions 1.5.2 and the 1.6 beta. Both versions ignore selections when I want to directly apply a black mask. Is this normal? I couldn't find any info on this exact issue in the forums.