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  1. Laverda3c

    Color match question

    I'm using a Canon 6D with a Tamron SP 24-70mm Di VC lens. I have tried the Apple RAW engine and it produces much better results, very close to the Canon DPP software. But for some reason it won't do any lens correction where the Serif RAW engine does. Not sure why. So I have to guess how much to move the distortion slider in the Develop persona. It would be nice of there were a drop down list there where you could select the lens and have it applied accurately. So I guess I'm better off using the Apple RAW engine and guessing at when the distortion is removed rather than have awful colors. Most of the time the distortion isn't extreme, some barrel at the wider ranges. I'm more worried about how the distortion will effect multi shot panorama stitching. Thanks for the response.
  2. I’ve been having an issue with the way AF renders the colors in Canon CR2 files compared to Canon’s Digital Photo Professional. I have the tone curve turned off in the Develop Assistant and am using the Serif Labs RAW Engine. I’m using these settings to enable me to have lens correction since I’m using a Tamron lens which Canon’s DPP doesn’t support any corrections. And I can’t disable the initial tone curve in DPP which limits my dynamic range. I’ll attach screenshots of 2 images, one converted by Canon’s DPP, the other by Affinity Photo. You can see the obvious color shift, especially in the reds. When I put the eyedropper inside the zero of 750s on the side cover I get these values. DPP R=222, G=4, B=3. With AF I get R=188, G=0, B=24. I’ve tried using the Selective Color adjustment and can get the red close by setting the Red channel to Cyan=-100%, Yellow=+35% but the other colors are still off and difficult. Is there any way I can color match to the Canon DPP colors? They are accurate to real life.
  3. Laverda3c

    Toolbar Customization

    Thanks -S- , that did the trick.
  4. I watched a 3rd party video of a guy using Affinity Photo and I noticed he had the foreground/background circular colors on the left toolbar under the Zoom tool, just like in PS. I've tried to figure out how to get it there but can't find anything in the preferences. Dragging it there doesn't work either. I use the histogram a lot to I'm constantly having to click on the tabs to check my colors since I don't want another floating window. This move would be very convenient. Any ideas on how to get it there? Thanks. I just found the video I was watching, I'll post a link and a screen shot.
  5. Laverda3c

    Dodge and burn in masks

    I would like to see this feature too, I used it a lot in Photoshop. It makes refining a mask much easier.
  6. Laverda3c

    Rotate in Panorama

    OK, Thanks for the info MEB
  7. Laverda3c

    Rotate in Panorama

    I just combined a panorama using multiple CR2 files shot in Portrait mode using AF 1.6.6. When done I get a panorama displayed verticle so I go to View>Rotate> either left or right depending on the images. But I have to do this 6 times to make it rotate 90 degrees. I’ve tried 3 different panoramas shot in portrait mode and they all do this. Is this normal? I don’t think I tried this with the previous version so I don’t know if it’s different. I’m using OS X 10.12.6 I’ll attach a screen shot of two rotates going on a third.
  8. Laverda3c

    Rotate in Develop

    Yes, it is working fine now. Thanks.
  9. Laverda3c

    Rotate in Develop

    Yes, it's cropping out the transparent space. It's not showing too well in the uploaded image but it's a checkerboard transparent section, not actually all white. If you click on the image to see it larger you can see the pattern.
  10. Laverda3c

    Rotate in Develop

    When I rotate a CR2 image 90º clockwise in the Develop module it does just what it should. However, when I finish and it goes into the Photo persona the lower part is a white transparency. I've tried this on several portrait shot images and they all do the same. I'm using OS X 10.12.6. Here's one example.
  11. Laverda3c

    New Live Filter Layer

    Using V 1.6.4 Beta 4 I just ran into a labeling issue in the New Live Filter Layers. I wanted to run a Vignette live filter and noticed it's listed twice. The first one actually brings up a New Live Halftone filter and the second brings up the Vignette. I didn't see this brought up in my search. I'll attach a couple of screen shots.
  12. Laverda3c

    Batch Job not working 1.6.4

    I figured it out, I have to use the Serif RAW engine not Apple's in the developer assistant, then it works. It's been reported.
  13. Hello Sean, I'll attach a couple of panorama files shot in landscape mode if you want to give it a try. This morning I downloaded the latest Beta 4 and it still didn't work. I then remembered I had changed to use Apple's raw engine in the developer assistant with no tone curve applied. Same as I did in V1.5.2. So using 1.6.4 I tried changing it back to use Serif's and suddenly it worked. Also the batch job now works too. So for some reason with the Beta version Apple's raw developer doesn't work for panoramas or batch jobs but it does in 1.5.2. Interesting. By the way, I'm using Sierra 10.12.6 CR2.zip
  14. If I try and use CR2 files for a panorama in 1.6.4 the result is an error saying "no panoramas found". I need to convert them to tiffs or something else. Version 1.5.2 can use the CR2 files in the panorama feature no problem.
  15. Laverda3c

    Batch Job not working 1.6.4

    Using 1.6.4 I've tried several times to do a batch job converting .cr2 files to tiffs and each time I only get solid black images as the result. This works fine with 1.5.2, I'm doing nothing different. I then tried converting to .aphoto and I get the same results, solid black images.