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  1. Just need to mention that upon further research even an illustrator file would have me do shitloads of work but it'd be a start.... the easiest way is to rasterize and export PSD. For a full workflow, affinity would need to save a full proper AI file and my animation software would need to get that full, layers and naming included as it does with psd's...
  2. hey everyone, i just wanted to say that i use AD for animation assets and without AI export i end up having to brake-down the svgs and rename 300-400 layers. even rudimentary illustrator format exporting would help me too :D
  3. I'd really love to be a able to define how shift rotate snaps. ie if i could choose other integers than just 15deg or rotating to the decimal point or having to type it., or at least please make the shift-rotate per 5deg or smth cause the 15deg feels like a huge handicap for me. if there's a solution and i just havent figured it out please someone let me know thanks to anyone that read this :) be well all.
  4. I'd really love to be able to have a shortcut to show/hide snapping candidates. :)
  5. hey :) with the select tool and the parent layer selected, you get the option on the tool bar to [lock children] this keeps the child layer stable smart little checkbox :D
  6. liakos

    Duplicate or Crtl + J

    duplicate just doesnt work any more for me, not even from the menu. :(
  7. liakos

    Spiral Tool

    I second that request 1000000000000% :D
  8. liakos


    I'm testing the AD windows beta, and it seems overprinting has been implemented, but being insecure and all, I would love to be able to preview the overprint result as i saw it's done on illustrator. otherwise i am afraid to use it.