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  1. Wow! These would be examples of my goals. Thanks for the inspiration.
  2. Thanks R C-R I have been experimenting but you have given me a way to make this easier. I really appreciate the help. Bill
  3. Hi firstdefence they are currently in png format. I got this app that makes these things and the only option, right now is to save the picture. I'm working with the developer to have it save as pdf as well.
  4. Hi, I am still a novice at graphic design and I hope I'm not asking for too much with this question. I would like to take this image (and others I have created) and make them editable in AD or AP. I'm asking for best ways to convert the file, and what to convert it too, so I can change the colors of the lines, make the background transparent, etc. Hugely complicated - I know. But it can't hurt to ask, can it? I'm also experimenting on how to actually make these kinds of designs in AD, with some luck, but not much. Your help is greatly appreciated. Bill
  5. Thank you so much. Both of these are so helpful. I got the Book for Affinity too and I just need to sit down and read it. Again, thank you so much Bill
  6. Hi, As I have stated before I am not a seasoned graphics designer. Ok, so the image attached is an example of what I am trying to do. I have two Artistic Tool Hellos. One Black and One Red. I want to cut up the Red, so the Black shows through. And since there is no scissor tool, I tried to convert it to Curves and use the Node Tool. It doesn't work. My thought was to layer the Red on the Black and then use the Node Tool to cut away different areas of the Red so the black lines up and shows through. I tried to Group the Red Text with a Box and then Convert the Box into a Curve and use the Node Tool. That did not work. Any thoughts on how I can do this? Thanks Bill
  7. Forgive me cause I'm at a loss on how to do this on my own. I can create the blocks, but I'm having trouble bending the lines to curve just right. Does anyone already have a Sacred Spiral drawn in Affinity Design that they are willing to share with me in .afdesign format? Or if you have a tutorial that would be great too. I've searched the net and can't find anything. I'm creating a new tattoo for myself. :) Thanks Bill
  8. After a couple of tries, I got it. Thanks Bill
  9. Hi, With the attached I want to get rid of everything outside of the triangle so I have a pie shape of the pattern. The geometric eye was first combined to make one layer. I've converted to curves and used the node tool, but it gives me hundreds of nodes. Any suggestions? Thanks Bill Geo Pie.afdesign
  10. Thanks. The Divide Shape worked. I should have gone to school for this. :)
  11. Good Morning, I'm having a heck of a time with Expand Stroke. I've been all over the forum and I still don't understand. Attached is a Geometric Eye. I want to make all the segments an individual shape so I can color each one differently. I honestly made it work once last week. I got everything to connect to make every segment it's own shape. And then I lost it. I've been all over the forums again, looking at every topic on expand stroke and I cannot, for the life of me, recreate what I did. Is there a tutorial out there or a Mov? Thanks for all your help. Bill 32 division Circle1.afdesign
  12. Hi I'd like to request a spiral tool please. I know it's an old request but I'm bringing it up front. Thanks for listening. Bill
  13. A whole new world has just opened up to me! Mandala Cog 1.afdesign