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  1. Hi! This issue is back. Or was it ever fixed? I can't expand a stroke with an arrowhead.
  2. I have a huge issue. Just bought an iPad pro and wanted to sync files between my PC and iPad through Google drive. That works well enough.. but. In iPads "files", I can't open .afdesign files. They're greyed out when viewed through the cloud. If I create a .afdesign file on my iPad it's not greyed out, but I can only open it by drag n drop into Designer because "files" doesn't know how to open it. Hence, files does not get associated with Designer. I can't even pick Designer in Google drive through "open with" because AFDesigner is not listed as a compatible app. Can I fix this?
  3. I can confirm. I set artboard size at 320x190px. But the X/Y axis lands on something like "xxx.4", which causes export to be 321x191. Also, force pixel doesn't matter. I ALT-drag objects to a blank area and create new artboard around it in (artboard > selection), which ignores the force pixel/snapping rules completely. It's an issue that should be fixed. the "force pixel" is just a quick-fix. The X/Y axis SHOULD NOT determine export size like this, it should be outside the equation. PS: I use PC. So it's on both platforms.
  4. The crashing stops when disabling snapping, I also got this confirmed by other users. Immediate layers worked, also candidate list. When choosing immediate with children it started to hang again. Video of the problem. Notice it only crash when calculating snapping for text frames. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hdAGvSLlOIquztLI5EvoneXzAU16CK_j/view I do have a copy of the file, but it's 400MB in size and I rather not upload it publicly.
  5. I figured some crash issues are due to snapping being active. Try deactivate it to see if it stop crash/freeze. I've made a new bug report about this.
  6. Thanks. I've edited my first respons again. Seems like we're closing in on a major issue.
  7. I have a large document with several artboards. I discovered that whenever I add a Frame text and it starts to calculate/view the snapping points, it completely freezes and I have to restart the application. This might be caused by the size of the document. Not really sure. I've tried creating new a document, but I can't replicate it. This is a major issues since I now can't create new text areas for this scale project. EDIT: I've cleaned the document from 2-3 artboards, reducing the load on the document. Crashes are gone. But this should be looked into, we should be able to work in large files w/o crashing. Still, crashes/freeze only happened with Frame text tool. EDIT2: From a user in a Facebook group having similar issues with snapping. He's using MAC (I use Windows). So this is not OS specific.
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