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  1. If i export an .svg with the size of say 300x300mm and open it in signcut pro 2 the size will open at 1200x1200 or such like, The scale is still right ie if i put it to 300x300 its right (some with 200x300) and so on is the a fix from the size staying the exported size. I have changed set view box on and off (seen that has been a fix for some) both on and off don't change the outcome. Any help welcome
  2. Just seen you were referring to the update and yes thank you its does seen to be fixed now right side are welded with no problems (E) was the worst absolutely great thanks can start using it for my workflow again Hated not using Affinity for work as i like almost everything about it but that bug was a killer for me thanks again for fixing it.
  3. No hasn't been fix but i have just seen a update today so lets hope its fixed now that would be great
  4. expand stroke still not fixed remember seeing there was a bug in the code is there a time frame for it being fixed.
  5. No to worry these things happen will just run 1.7 till there is a fix out thanks for getting back to us
  6. Expanding strokes and welding fonts lines let say go all over the place didnt see it happen in the beta but i didnt us it every day like i do the non beta so could be that i just didnt do the same things. Now running 1.7 again will update soon as a fix is out thanks for getting back to me though.
  7. Is there a way to download 1.7 again 1.8 is almost unusable for my workflow with all the welding and text bugs. (i didnt see any in the beta just to add) But so i can keep working without having to go back to corel till its fix is the an exe of 1.7 i can get as that didn't have any of these bugs.
  8. Same as im getting i have to take it all to corel draw add contour then i may or may not take it back to affinity depend if i can be bothered to export and reopen again. Least have the other software there just in case (getting used more at the min)
  9. Getting the same and it seems to balloon text if you try and weld them never had it happen before this update so guessing its a 1.8 bug. Affecting quite a lot of fonts it seems its only really the A on my picture but some are worse. This is after converting to curves...
  10. Mine has been a lot better since the last update though i am still getting some crashed and leaving lovely messages in the pop up box since 90% of the time the work i was doing is gone will see how the beta goes that should be out very soon for windows.
  11. i see fair play can see it being a lot worse for people with lower end cpu's then but anyway keep up the good work and thanks for the help.
  12. Would have thought the rendering side of it would be offloaded to the gpu so not to choke the cpu so much it is set to the gtx 1080 in setting for rendering thats why i thought it was more of a bug in the software or an update that didnt quite install right hence the reinstall but guess its just how it is.
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