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Found 48 results

  1. I have taken some raw pictures with my Nikon D5300 camera using adobeRGB format. When I import them to affinity photo (AP), first I do nothing to change the color profile and edit them as if they were sRGB, then I try and export them as jpegs using the embed ICC profile sRGB. But when i open this file in another program it says that it is a adobeRGB color profile, and I can see that the color does not match. Then I go back to AP and change the assign a adobeRGB profile to the picture and I get somthing that is similler to the export. I then choose to convert to the sRGB profile, and then do my andjustment, and export to jpeg using the embed ICC profile sRGB. However it still seems that the profiled red by the external program is adobeRGB, and the convertion has not made much difference. There is still a discrepancy between what i see in AP and what I see in the external photo viewer. I do not know if I am doing somthing wrong or if there is a bug with export, in that the ICC profile from the raw file is still included?
  2. If I open a RAW file (I have tried with arw from Sony and CR2 from Canon) in Lightroom CC or Captur One Pro or Photoshop CC (working color space set as ProPhoto) I can see that all 3 show me same colors. If I open the same raw file in affinity ( working space se as ProPHoto as well) the image is shown with faded colors and a green cast. I want to migrate from Ps to Affinity Photo ( as I already done with Lr to C1) but if I can't fix this color management issue I cannot! HELP ME PLEASE
  3. Hey everyone! I am not positive if this is a bug or not. Most of the time, jpg compression works alright, but sometimes, preserving colors will be a huge issue. Even when using 100% quality, some images will suffer from an extreme color loss. Is there a way to avoid this while still compressing the image? Are there some weird things going on with the color profile? Or is this to be expected? [EDIT: Alright, this is a bug of some sort. If I take a look at the images here in my browser, this issue isn't present. The colors look fine. However, when I download the images and look at the .jpg files (using space bar in Finder or Preview.app), the color loss is present. Also, I was able to resolve this issue for some files. I don't know the exact workflow for doing so, but it involved copying the image data into an empty file. Is this an issue of file corruption?] Best wishes, Shu
  4. Hi all I'd like to print some pictures with Saal Digital and i downloaded the ICC profile and think my monitor is well calibrated. Now i would like to edit the picture using the icc in order to simulate the final result. Which way do i take to embed the ICC profile? Convert ICC or Assign ICC (Document menu)? Also, there is possible in Photoshop to change the Rendering Intent, see http://www.saal-digital.co.uk/service/icc-profile-test-print/ Is possible to change in Affinity Photo the Rendering Intent or this is an exclusive Photoshop setting? On the web is explained for PS http://www.saal-digital.co.uk/support/article/how-to-embed-icc-profiles-in-photoshop/#sb Thanks SaalDigital_SoftProof_Fuji.zip
  5. Hey there, so when importing or opening an EPS-file which was exported with RGB as color-format into Affinity Designer, it will always be handled as CMYK-File and therefore the colors are changing drastically. In Illustrator, the same file is opened with the correct colors and in correct color format (RGB). Do I miss a Default-/Import-/Color-Setting here? When opening the same file in Illustrator and then exporting it with the option for "Include CMYK-PostScript in RGB-Files" checked, the file opens correctly colored in Affinity Designer. The chosen PostScript-Level (2 or 3) on export did NOT made any difference to this behaviour, only the previously described checked option! As I want to ditch Illustrator and I have a huge amount of assets (bought online, not build by me) which behave like this, it's not an option to open up every file and export them once more. As Illustrator is able to open them up the correct way, I assume that this is an error/bug of Affinity Designer and does not occur due to a corrupt file. I attached a screenshot of the same file opened in AI and AD and a PNG with the intended colors. Greetings, Johannes (I hate to say the name of the competitive software this often in this forum...*sigh*)
  6. Each time I open Affinity Photo the color space has been reset from sRGB to sRGB_IEC61966-2.1.
  7. Hi all ! So glad i found this awesome software and i already love it ! :) So much stuff is handled much better than in PS so i am definitely switching over :) I do have one issue which is a bit annoying. At first my work area was a bit yellow, so i changed the profile and then it was all good. BUT, when i import a photo, it gets totally messed up and pick up a yellow hue. :/ Once i export the photo everything is good, but inside AD it looks like this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40227395/PREW/ss.jpg I am posting a screenshot so you can see how image looks normally (on the right) Also, i am using this color profile both in AD and in standard windows settings: Samsung - Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM Tnx in advance ! I really hope to solve this issue !
  8. Hi there, I usually solely work with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 but unfortunately the exports looked like crap, so I tried every installed ICC profile and realised that the profile that the exported picture looks alike is the Samsung Natural Color Pro. I thus checked all the settings, converted the ICC to sRGB again, set it manually in the exporter but it still didnt work - it kept exporting with the Samsung profile. In the end the only solution I could find was to convert to the Samsung profile and, additionally, set it manually in the exporter instead of using document profile. This does not seem to be a solution on the long term. Maybe someone else has made similar experiences and can confirm this bug. Many thanks!
  9. Document: sRGB 16 Color Value: #E2893A Digital Color Meter (sRGB) on color pane: #E2893A Digital Color Meter (sRGB) on element: #E28939 colormismatch.afdesign colormismatch.afdesign
  10. I did the same a few months back in PhotoPlus and decided to redo it this time with AP: Face by Dominique Krem, on Flickr
  11. Can try my attach file. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7n-BQa9vAhncXVienh5V2hpWjg&usp=sharing
  12. Question: When I download the Google Play badge as an EPS from Google (https://play.google.com/intl/en_us/badges/) and open it in Affinity, the colors are waaay off. Affinity pops up a message about the color profile being assigned, but I can't figure out how to switch the profile to just look normal. Any help in what I'm doing wrong here? I'm attaching a photo of the message, as well as a comparison from what it should look like to what I'm getting.
  13. I took down my old profile pic and tried uploading a new one but nothing happened. Is this a bug?
  14. I have some colour profiles but it is not showing up. Where should they be kept so that I can use them for screen and output to inkjet printer.
  15. When joining vector curves it seems that one curve's pressure profile is applied to the whole of the new curve. Is it possible to maintain / combine both pressure profiles so that the each curve looks exactly the same as before, just joined together?
  16. Hello, Is there a way to apply a camera profile in the Dev. mode ? i.e. It's the profile we can create - for example ) using ColorChecker Passeport. Thanks. Chris.
  17. I have to make JPGs for use in the web. I do the following steps: create the layout in InDesign. Export it in cmyk as jpg. Open it in affinity photo. Change size. Change from cmyk to rgb. Save as jpg. Now the Problem: in the past I opend the exported jpg in photoshop an made the changes. Now, in affinity photo, the colours in the end-file aren't the same as in photoshop. But this are defined colours and must be the same all time. The colour profiles in photoshop and affinity photo are the same (selected the same). How can I fix that?
  18. Hi, I'm quite new to digital photography and am trying to understand profiles. I've read coranda's post https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/11293-ap-printing-with-icc-printer-profiles/?p=48255 and generally can follow that. However it still doesn't solve my problem. My aim is that I'm trying to create a jpg with a profile built in which I have downloaded from a printing company. It's not an icc file but has the extension icm Following the company's instructions, I downloaded the icm profile and copied it to Macintosh HD/Library/color sync/profiles where it now sits with various others like Black & White.icc, etc. Following coranda's print instructions... "In the print dialogue, at the bottom, there should be a button that says "Show Details". Click that. There you will see a drop down list that probably has "Affinity Photo" selected. Click on that list and choose "Colour Matching" and make sure that "ColorSync" is enabled." This did produce a drop-down list and the Fuji icm was there. So I guess if I had that printer sitting here beside me it would work. However I want to generate a file that I can email to the printer for them to print, so it's not quite the solution. Following the soft proof instructions, I added a soft proof adjustment layer, but the Fuji profile was not listed - it has many profiles of papers and devices listed, but not the Fuji one or any of those in the path mentioned above. If it did I guess I could export the image as normal with the profile built in. If I do a file/export to generate the jpg, I had expected to find some way to pick up the profile as in the case of printing. However I don't see any way to do that. Can anyone please explain how to get this profiled file? Thanks Stuart
  19. The last update I was able to find regarding printer and paper profiles was in the beta forum dated 27 April of this year. Yesterday I attemtped to print to my Epson 4880 from Affinity Photo for the first time and I was completely frustrated in attempting to select any of my paper profiles for that particular job. Has there been any progress in making this software actually useful when it comes to printing?
  20. What do ya'll think of my attempt at making a flat version of my profile pic? Does it portray a crocodile with sunglasses and pony ears?
  21. Hi, I tried to develop NEF-Files coming from a Nikon D610. The camera Profile is not shown (see screenshot 2) and AP does not convert the camera profile into the output profile. The result is much to red in comparison to the image developed by Nikon View NX (see screenshot 1). Can you help?
  22. Hello all, I've found the pressure profile feature in AD, but for some reason the feature doesn't allow for linear changes between values, except in profiles that have only a start and end point. Additionally, it doesn't allow the width of each side of a stroke to be changed independently of the other. Alas, this means that what might be boiled down to simple strokes (eyelashes or lips, for instance) must be formed of curves. Also alas, this means that editing such shapes must necessarily be more convoluted and less precise, especially because the profile must be modified in a separate editor, away from the artwork, which adds guesswork, and again more time and effort, into the equation. So I would like to propose a more flexible pressure/width profile feature, which allows pressure profiles to be edited directly on strokes, to allow curves and corner points — now that I think about it, a vector brush system would do as well. So I'm putting these forward: a more versatile stroke width feature, and vector brushes. Thanks, —Russ Johnson Murfreesboro, TN
  23. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/561-gui-issue-effects-pane-open-many-v17832/?p=4574 : >> Ah, where is a useful place to write system information into a forum user profile? – Is it @ "Profile Feed" / "what's on your mind?" ? > We've not really thought about this. :( Would you tell/show us at least where/how users feed into "What's on your mind?" will occure?
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