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  1. Hi! Any new plugins with the AP 1.7.2 version? i read this on the new features : "Improved Photoshop plugin support (more to come in the future)" that made me happier. 
  2. Muchisimas gracias por el trabajo realizado, te lo has currado a base de bien.
  3. Thanks Dan, sure it helps, i just try this alternative way and works. Hope in a future we can enjoy this feature in Develop Persona. Cheers
  4. Hi all I'd like to know if it's possible adjust the Whites/Blacks in Develop Persona as i used to do in Camera Raw. Blackpoint is available in Develop Persona, is equivalent to Blacks in Camera Raw? How can i adjust Whites? Cheers
  5. Thank you all, certanly the solution was to uncheck Wet Edges Cheers
  6. Hello all I don't know what am i doing wrong, but i can't get the black colour, Opacity, flow, hardness is 100%, "pure" black colour selected but i see a grey instead of a black when i use the Paint Brush tool. Colour format is RGB, i tried both 8bit/16bit. Any idea ?? Thanks.
  7. Improved Photoshop Plugin support Please, more information about this improvement. New plugins support? Thanks for this update Affinity Team.
  8. Would be possible to see a live histogram using the crop tool like in lightroom in Develop Persona? Example: Min 0:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tqJeAqxxcY Thanks !
  9. MEB, much appreciated. I have to try get the same result on Develop Persona. Thanks.
  10. Hi Affinity team Please, make possible delete parts of the gradient overlay with Overlay Erase Tool in Develop Persona. Cheers
  11. Hi all In Develop Persona i can use the Overlay Paint Tool to select the areas and the Overlay Erase Tool to correct the selection. But when i use the Overlay Gradient Tool is not possible to correct the gradient selection with Overlay Erase Tool. How can i erase a Overlay Gradient selection? Any alternative method available? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi all !! When i open a cropped picture with Nik Collection i see on the preview image the original non-cropped image, but i would like to preview the cropped one. Anyone knows how can i work on Nik with the cropped image? Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks MEB, yes you're right, i can adjust with Detail Refinement, but i didn't know about the default apply of sharpness some software do. I like AP more and more every day :)
  14. Hi all, I opened a RAW from a Nikon D800 on Affinity Photo and Photoshop, and i can see some differences visualizing image, i can see more detail when i open the same raw on Photoshop (lips and right hair) Could you tell me why it happens? I didn't make any changes on Develop Persona/Camera Raw. In the link you can see the screenshots and war file. https://1drv.ms/f/s!All6oe01iwmf0hxM0fUOcZtOuP2P
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