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  1. Thanks to all for the ideas. I'll post a comparison between the software later today...
  2. @verysame When you say it works fine for you, have you noticed the difference between Photoshop and Photo with soft light sharpening? I'm not saying it doens't work, but that it has little effect in comparison to Photoshop.
  3. Hi all, I don't t know if this is a bug or not, but when I compare soft light sharpening done in Photoshop to Affinity Photo their's a strong difference. Soft light sharpening for those who don't know is where you apply a high pass filter on a merged layer then set that layer to soft light to produce sharpening that does an amazing job of pulling out details that normal sharpening does not. In Photoshop the impact is much more strong than Photo where it is barely noticeable. I can't seem to replicate the effect in Photo which is a frustrating as it's part of
  4. It's very very slow on my i7 desktop. Won't bother with the laptop. The software is so cool, but the performance negates that. I've had to purchase Photoshop recently because I can't be waiting for processors to finish. I think that once the software is more optimised then this truly will be a Photoshop killer. For now though I find myself using primirily Photoshop but will continue to learn/use Affinity Photo becuase I do see it as next-gen software.
  5. I agree. I realllllyyy need Tiffen Dfx plugin to work! Pleaassee
  6. @thorium666 What an absolute beast of a PC you have! Impressed.
  7. @conrad2k Thanks for pointing out the ON1 program. Hadn't heard of it. Does look really good. Looks like there's a host of new RAW editing programs coming out. DXO just announced their new Photolab software based on OpticsPro. Really nice too.
  8. There are several threads in this forum about this topic already. The short summary is, no they are not, but intend too in the future. They are concentrating their efforts on Affinity Publisher, and updates to Photo and Designer instead.
  9. Ignore this thread! I found that in prior testing I had turned on the WARP renderer. Never do that! The difference in speed is huge!
  10. Just did some testing and looked at each colour Chord. None of them replicated Adobe's Monochromatic. Disappointing.
  11. I'm working on a newsletter A4 in size with some text and a small image. It's almost unusable as for some reason whether I'm actually using any tools or not it's showing in Windows Task Manager as 100% CPU time, all the time! I haven't experienced this working with just photos before. It's something to do with text/image combination. I have no idea but it really does make the software not operable. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. @micheal.hd Thanks. The building look nice. Too bad the fishing was shut down.
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