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  1. Cindy - In order for a focus merge to work well, it's important to frame your subject and then focus in closer and closer with each shot. Focusing on separate aspects of your subject will prevent the software from successfully merging the images for you, forcing you to merge them manually. In order for the panorama stitching to work, there must be enough overlap of the images for the software to figure out what fits where. Using a tripod improves your odds with both panos and stacks, helping the software align the images properly. You would be better off to find a means of shieldi
  2. While the DxO versions of the NIK plugins are working for me, there's an odd issue. The images show up in the plugins rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Everything else seems to be working correctly with that exception. Maybe it's just my Windows 10 machine, but the plugins work completely normal in other editing programs that use .8bf plugins.
  3. My bad! Forgot that the Library panel needed to be turned on to see the loaded macros and import new ones. <...smacking forehead...> DOH!!!
  4. Just updated to the new version ( and my macros are gone, both the ones I downloaded and the ones I created in the previous version. I can bring up the import dialog, but it doesn't display any of the macro files I have on my drive. What should I do now? Windows 10, 64 bit
  5. Your thoughts are no more or less appropriate than anyone else's. Thanks for sharing. d;¬{D
  6. Thanks again, Jer! d:¬{D
  7. Thanks, Jer! d:¬{D
  8. Wow, Garry! That is the most sophisticated critique I have ever received for one of my Space Art images! It would be safe to assume that most of my creations don't necessarily work with the actual physics of planetary bodies in space - I've not had the privilege of exploring such things real time. My hope is they are pleasing to the eye and temporarily transport the viewer to another place. d;¬{D
  9. Latest Photo creation:
  10. Yeah, but as Steven Wright said, "It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it!" d;¬{D
  11. Hey There! I'm a 60-something, born-again, computer geek, photographer, musician and one-time sword fight choreographer. I own a web development business, Picks Pix & Web, that incorporates photography. I live & work (though now semi-retired) at web development and photography with my wife Carolyn and our kitty, Casmir (though the work ethic of the kitty is questionable at best) in Davenport, Iowa, USA. Our children are grown and raising families of their own, which of course means grandkids for us to love and spoil. I am a new Affinity Photo user, transitionin
  12. Here's my first creation in Photo:
  13. I'm finding the transition from PS/LR to Photo fairly painless and am quite happy overall with the tools & features within the program. There are 2 tools that currently are holding me back from cutting the cord to Adobe: Macros. While you've done a remarkable job packing features into the Macros panel and they are operating surprisingly fast, there are a few improvements I'm hoping are in the not too distant future: A) the ability to record clipping a layer to another layer; B) the ability to move steps around in a macro; C) the ability to delete a step in a macro. Keep up
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