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  1. Upon buying my Nikon D850 a few days ago, I had decided to fully switch over to Affinity, as I was so angered by Adobe’s reneging on their promise that Lightroom would remain “indefinitely” available as a standalone application. However, no matter how hard I worked to customize Affinity’s shortcuts to duplicate as closely as possible my Lightroom/Photoshop workflow, I am still missing some features, which are key for me, although they may not be for other people. The Develop module works fine, and I managed to customize it so that it works almost like Lightroom. And it reads the
  2. Thanks ! No result yet, then. Too bad. Can anyone tell if it was placed on the Requested features list, as suggested, or should I do it?
  3. Hi all, In Ligthroom, I can import a photo of a Colorchecker Passport (or some other such charts) previously photographed with any given camera under any given lighting situations (shade, overcast, etc.), and then create one or several camera profile(s) (and even camera/lens combination profiles), based on such profile(s) which I can then specify as default and/or select as needed under the Camera Calibration panel as an alternative to Adobe Standard or any other preset modes/profiles that come with my camera (such as, e.g., Camera Neutral, Camera Vivid, etc.). This is a very useful
  4. Thank you, indeed this does it but it is quite long and convoluted, bearing in mind that I will want to do it on almost all my photos... So, I'd really prefer to have a less time-consuming method to add a simple black border...
  5. Hi, I suggest that, when in the Develop persona, hitting Return be configured as meaning Develop. Same thing in the Liquify persona, Return should be made to mean Apply. It would save time and avoid a lot of superfluous mousing around. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Toltec, hadn't spotted that one...! That's an awful lot of mousing around, though... Is there a way to customize a shortcut so that hitting return will "Develop"?
  7. Thank you for this. However, the Outline option is a lot more cumbersome than what Photoshop does to obtain a similar result, and, more significantly, the border "eats into" the photo, so that if I make, say, a 50-pixel border, the border will obliterate 50 pixels worth of photograph all around the frame... That is not what I want, and I also deplore the cumbersomeness of the maneuver. Please remember that I do a black border on most of my photos, which means that this very repetitive process has to be as simple and easy as possible... I will look into "reusable border templates", unless
  8. Hello, Let's say I have a JPEG that someone gave me and I don't like the white balance. I open it in Photo and go to the Develop persona where I can adjust the white balance, which is great. And so, I make my adjustments, and Save. Now that my work is done, I try to close the file using Ctrl-W (PC), but then a pop-up warns me that I must "Commit or cancel" before I can exit. The same warning appears if I click on, say, the Photo Persona, or even try to shut down the program entirely using Alt-F4... Then, since I understand the meaning of "Commit", and because I indeed intend to
  9. Oh... So there is a destructive High Pass filter in addition to the non-destructive one? Gee, I really have to tackle those 644 pages of the manual... Can you please tell me where to find that one?
  10. Another question comes to mind as I try to find a way to emulate as closely as possible in Photo the workflow I'm used to in PS: PS remembers most user settings, and it seems that Photo does not. For example, if I call up the High Pass filter in PS, it remembers the Radius value I used last time. Photo always seem to go back to its default value (zero pixel), thus making the user adjust the slider or type in the value again every time... Would there be a way to set Photo so that it remembers such things, or is that a feature to request? Many thanks in advance.
  11. In Photoshop, Ctrl-Alt-C brings up the Canvas Size dialog box. It works the same way in Photo. However, in PS, first there is a "Relative" check box that you can check (it remains checked) and second the program remembers from which point you want to change the Canvas size: I set it so that it will be changed from the center point, and it doesn't move. In Photo, it moves back to top left whenever you open the Canvas Size dialog box. Furthermore, in PS, there is a drop-down local menu to choose the color of the Canvas extension area: I set this to black and the software also remembers it.
  12. Hi, When you drag guides into your document, sometimes you want to reset the origin of the measurements to align it with one guide, or with an intersection. In Photoshop, you do this by dragging from the small square that's at the origin of the rulers, but a similar feature is currently unavailable in Photo. I suggest it should be implemented in the next update, as it is probably quite easy to do. Personally, I use it regularly, for example when I must produce a photo that meets certain size requirements and I want to ascertain what parts of the photo I can include in the required ma
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