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  1. hi walt thanks for reply. limitations as outlined in my original query ie only adjustments no filters allowed and no adjustment of sl;iders after applying lut. as no longer use other apps except nik the inability to use macros does not concern me. happy affinitying daveh
  2. given limitations of lut why would one use instead of macro which enable use of filters and slider operation of adjustments
  3. hi guys i have just watched matt donovan's landscape video and am about to learn a workflow somewhat different from that i have been using.,as a follow on from use of pse until 3 years ago. i am a tutor of af photo at the local seniornet learning centre and we swapped to afp after some 8 years of pse. there are 10 members of our special interest group and use various websites for our learning place as well aas James Ritson eg Revolution and Olivio Sarakis. our group seems to be the only tutorial centre in nz!! what we find helpful to follow along is :- availability of original images, a transcription of the narration and notes a la dave straker did for l.6. pretty please!! great product and great narrators. all power to serif dave helas
  4. tks walt but i want to resize doc and it always opens with pixels as default and it is this value that i want to open as mm and haavent found way to achieve dave helas aka djh
  5. to resize doc in mm i have to change from default pixel size to mm, how can i make mm default djh
  6. tks for that alfred. i had come to similar conclusion ie that area was partially selected by not id;d by ants. something to do with tolerance? i deselected faulty areas with lasso to fix prob djh
  7. i made a selecion flood brush and selection brush trools of umbrellas outside a cafe [photo] and saturated them but red affected other areas outside the selection. tried the same in phshelements - no probs, the saturation stayed within selection, win10 and afjp 1.7.2 djh
  8. thanks dutchshader , silly me now ticked and works fine.dont get finger stuck in polder dave helas
  9. win 10 - i open new file and from view select Guides Manager and enter amounts for guide placement but nothing happens . i am trying to repeat Hvdb collage tutorial dave helas ps 2 days later- ck afp on laptop and works ok both pcs using v1.7.2.471 but had situation with latest win10 update so reverted to early version
  10. i tutor affinity photo in a learning centre for seniors [55+years] after 8 years tutoring pse and now 2 years af photo. to help members [now numbering 10 in our on going group] i have numbered subjects in v1.6 1 to 24 eg RAW is 8 and the sub panels are also numbered so images, gathered from videos with Pnt sc, procedure notes from D Straker and Cut through the fog and my own are so numbered to refer to the video viewed on line. we work through the subject using the material ie image and notes and all material is on the Diskstation so members can copy for use at home. tutorials are at level 1 and 2 for newbies and level 3 for advanced 'special group' members. our tutorials appear to be the only available centre in NZ. my query - now v 1.7 is available are the present groups ie Basic, Advanced etc to be the only ones or will new groups be introduced as the number of videos grows? i ask because i want to organize v1.7 in a similar fashion to v1.6. all our members much appreciate Aff Photo for its quality and presentation, hence the number remaining in the group. we would appreciate being able to access the original image and also notes on the proccedure. [i havent found a reliable Voice to Text app] regards, keep up the excellent work, especially James Ritson djh [dave helas]
  11. hi james great new videos for 1 7 i appreciate your efforts, i tutor af photo at a senior persons ed centre for past 2 years. what we would like is availability of orininal photos, now i am snipping/jpnt screen, also a transcription of narration so the class can work on tutorial features, tips and hints etc having viewed the video. for 1 6 i had snipped photos for most of the videos and used d straker or cut thru the fog for precis of transcription amended as required. i have numbered the groups in the 1 6 tutorials also the video featured in that group, i then number accordingly the images snipped for that video; makes access in the class more easy like a library. another small request, much as we enjoy your visuality while narrating we would prefer you off photo image at bottom of studio panel. fyi we have 10 in class now, most since june 2 years ago and it appears ours is the only affinity ed centre in nz !!! the only other i know is a camera club; certainly no institutes of photo diplomas etc keep up the good work, good to see others getting on wagon like affinty revolution, but as a pom i enjoy the english accent best regards david helas [djh]
  12. sorry thort you were aff ph staff! forget my reply daveh
  13. tks for reply, when i use F1 or click on Help>Affinity Photo Help in title bar there is no response at all. I'll complain here if you dont mind that as a tutor to a class of 10 senior convertees?? from LE /PS and newbies i would appreciate availability of hi res image used in james ritson video also transcript to allow notes to be made a la D Straker and Cutthru the fog. meanwhile it may be preferable to use Affinity Revolution or Hvdb sources altho not 1.7. keep up good work, lovely app dave helas
  14. 1.7 looks refreshing but must agree with bug reporters that basic bugs should have been picked up, i have reinstalled short cuts [ using F keys]. my report is that i am unable to access Help. video on GUI is for Mac, i use win10. would appreciated being able to access transcription to allow precis for my class members also high resolution image to work with when running procedures as per video daveh
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