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  1. 1.7 looks refreshing but must agree with bug reporters that basic bugs should have been picked up, i have reinstalled short cuts [ using F keys]. my report is that i am unable to access Help. video on GUI is for Mac, i use win10. would appreciated being able to access transcription to allow precis for my class members also high resolution image to work with when running procedures as per video daveh
  2. sorry thort you were aff ph staff! forget my reply daveh
  3. tks for reply, when i use F1 or click on Help>Affinity Photo Help in title bar there is no response at all. I'll complain here if you dont mind that as a tutor to a class of 10 senior convertees?? from LE /PS and newbies i would appreciate availability of hi res image used in james ritson video also transcript to allow notes to be made a la D Straker and Cutthru the fog. meanwhile it may be preferable to use Affinity Revolution or Hvdb sources altho not 1.7. keep up good work, lovely app dave helas
  4. i tutor Affinity Photo to a group of 10 members of Seniornet Glenfield Auckland NZ, many have been attending for 2 years and prior attended pse which i had tutored for 8 years using Scott Kelby and Mark Galer books as resources so we welcomed the arrival of Workbook. i accessed the provided site and downloaded mamtor getting 11 pages, i deleted this as 003 image was black and white. now i am unable to access anything but the2 images before/after. Also i have suggested that the Function keys be used for keyboard shortcuts which i have done but it would be more consistant if the dev team did so. a transcript of the narration would be welcome as would high quality images of the video subjects, the snipping tool is less than good A great product, hence the group's (known as "the Circle of Confusion") enthusiasm. well done team davehelas
  5. unfortunately snapshot box only has original image, no other snaps. thanks to you who have taken time and effort to help but i have work around which provides a solution and allows me to issue snaps to students. till next time, enjoy davehelas
  6. 003 does refer to SNAPSHOT as per Resource box on page 146 on workbook. my original download included all snapshots so labelled in the pages on workbook and it was 003 image page 147 that was black/white which is why i foolishly deleted the folder expecting to be able to download all pages/snapshots but am only receiving the before/after images. i hope that clarifies the situation davehelas
  7. when searching for "colour replacement brush tool" nothing found as spelling is "colour" altho is spelt "colour" in tool panel spelt color in Manual colour in studio panel
  8. g'day readers i am a tutor for affinity photo at seniornet , a learning centre for over 55 year oldies in Auckland New Zealand. previously we tutored ps elements and all the members, ten in number have taken the plunge to swap to aff photo. i have Snaged images from the videos and added to D Straker and Cutthrouthe fog notes, am transcribing the narration as input data to allow members to repeat the video process at home. the availability of high resolution images and a professional transcription would be appreciated but Rome wasnt built in a day. the quality of the product is great as ia the price. i am somewhat disappointed in the Workbook as much spaace given to Creativity and Commercial but thats life. await the day when authors like Mark Galer and Scott Kelby produce supportring volumes. thanks to all the developers for the fun time we are having dave helas
  9. i had assigned various F keys to items eg Adjustment, Layers for quick access but have lost way and cannot find how to do via edit>preferences>shortcuts as Studio not appearing. how?
  10. did not lose Studio but lost ability to assign F keys to Studio items eg Layers. was this available in v 1.5 and lost with 1.6.4???
  11. what is equation colour space and how applied? daveh
  12. i would like to suggest further short cuts be added using eg F keys with modify keys as required. I have created my own for photo but it would be better if originated from serif for "universality" daveh
  13. any difference in opening adjustment in layers from Adjustment layer , curvesv Layers>New Adjustment Layer>curves as example. am unable to find one still marvel at excellent product daveh
  14. make it possible to select multiple studio panels eg macro and library at same time to save repeated alt+v,d select entries
  15. djh


    win10 af photo 1.6.1 update, documents>flatten non existant else great daveh
  16. see topic title - trial version on ap on window 10 pc. have seen same problem in forum in 2015 without solution being demonstrated daveh