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  1. EDIT: This problem have been fixed by changing the color profile and restart. Hi. I have a problem with selecting a pure white colour. I have set the colour to be pure white in the HSL sliders but when I move the colour picker over the selected colour it shows that it is R241 G255 and B255. other areas of the screen clearly show that the screen is able to show pure white, but for some reason my color space for the image seems to be limited in the red spectrum to R241. Are there anyone that are able to help me with this problem?
  2. I have taken some raw pictures with my Nikon D5300 camera using adobeRGB format. When I import them to affinity photo (AP), first I do nothing to change the color profile and edit them as if they were sRGB, then I try and export them as jpegs using the embed ICC profile sRGB. But when i open this file in another program it says that it is a adobeRGB color profile, and I can see that the color does not match. Then I go back to AP and change the assign a adobeRGB profile to the picture and I get somthing that is similler to the export. I then choose to convert to the sRGB profile, and then do my
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