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  1. simonartist


    Hi, Ok, I have been told you can only do it in Wordpress. Thanks anyway.
  2. simonartist


    Hello, It is possible to Add Title, ALT and captions to files for workpress please? My aim is to add them before I upload it.
  3. As far I can see half of the videos do not have subtitles, as I am deaf. Please include them. I am having to go through some of the videos over ten times without subtitles and still cannot figure it out how it had been done.
  4. simonartist

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    I have the book but cannot download whittler_02_sketch.afdesign? as on page208?
  5. simonartist

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Not sure if it safe to order it, I am bit concern that I could be conned. How safe it is to order online.
  6. I have some colour profiles but it is not showing up. Where should they be kept so that I can use them for screen and output to inkjet printer.
  7. simonartist


    Can you please kindly include subtitles into the video? I cannot hear as I am deaf, I have equal right right as much as anyone else since I have brought both apps.
  8. simonartist


    Are there any plugins for AD or not.
  9. I am wonder if I can use my Phantasm plugin from Illustrator that will work with AD?
  10. simonartist

    iMac or iMac 5K

    Yes, I have seen the video. I have contacted a few colour consultants it had been recommended to use a second monitor for press and print work.
  11. My old Pro Mac is now over 6 years old. For those would used either the basic or 5K mac, how it with Affinity apps please? I need to make up my mind.
  12. How do you feel about Affinity Designer?
  13. How do you feel about Affinity Designer?
  14. simonartist

    Culture of all kinds

    This is my impression in flat colours of people of all kinds of culture walking down Brick Lane, London.