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  1. I used to use Adobe software for over 20 years but had enough. I am looking into monitors mostly for illustration and fine art. Have any of you experience using Benq 2720? or similar Benq monitor. I do print work on a wide inkjet printer up to A2. The colour management is not bad with Affinity Designer and Photo. All feedback is welcome.
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    Hello, It is possible to Add Title, ALT and captions to files for workpress please? My aim is to add them before I upload it.
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    Hi, Ok, I have been told you can only do it in Wordpress. Thanks anyway.
  4. As far I can see half of the videos do not have subtitles, as I am deaf. Please include them. I am having to go through some of the videos over ten times without subtitles and still cannot figure it out how it had been done.
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    Affinity Designer Workbook

    I have the book but cannot download whittler_02_sketch.afdesign? as on page208?
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    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Not sure if it safe to order it, I am bit concern that I could be conned. How safe it is to order online.
  7. I have some colour profiles but it is not showing up. Where should they be kept so that I can use them for screen and output to inkjet printer.
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    Can you please kindly include subtitles into the video? I cannot hear as I am deaf, I have equal right right as much as anyone else since I have brought both apps.
  9. I am wonder if I can use my Phantasm plugin from Illustrator that will work with AD?
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    Are there any plugins for AD or not.
  11. My old Pro Mac is now over 6 years old. For those would used either the basic or 5K mac, how it with Affinity apps please? I need to make up my mind.
  12. How do you feel about Affinity Designer?
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    iMac or iMac 5K

    Yes, I have seen the video. I have contacted a few colour consultants it had been recommended to use a second monitor for press and print work.
  14. How do you feel about Affinity Designer?
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    Culture of all kinds

    This is my impression in flat colours of people of all kinds of culture walking down Brick Lane, London.
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    Colourful singing lady

    I love to keep my drawing very simple but use colours as a way to communicate. Firstly I always used coloured pencils to start of with.
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    Colourful singing lady

    I found a picture of Taylor Swift, I think that her name.
  18. simonartist

    Panda Pete

    Really love the way this style is developed.
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    Flat colour

    I personally like to use flat colour as a language in their own right.
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    The Runner experiment

    Try out. I have lots of scanned images that are created with real acrylic and watercolour paints. This a first for mixture of vector and bitmap. I am not a great fan of bitmap, as someone suggested auto tracing similar to Illustrator would be handy.
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    Strictly Come Dancing

    Some of us like to watch.....Strictly Come Dancing. I love to break down images and keep it simple. I tried out masking and the gradient tool with straight lines only.
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    All that Jazz

    As I am deaf but I can hear some jazz music... whilst listening I got out my coloured pencils and finished it off in Affinity.
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    All that Jazz

    I always find it very hard to create anything on a computer, that why I always do a rough idea and research on paper or even improve upon it. If I am happy with it I will create it whatever media I think will give the greatest impact. In this case I scan the image. Thanks for your nice comments