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  1. Even if DCM is not accurate in the way one would expect it to be, if it reports different values for different apps, you can probably be sure those apps are displaying colors differently. There is no indicator that Affinity is the one displaying colors correctly. Affinity colors also differ from Sketch for example. On the other hand the Apple Color Picker seems to have some kind of quirk going on, which I reported to Apple on 17-Jun-2014. It was marked as a duplicate of issue 3666617 which remains open until today. If you select a color with the color picker, and then use the eye dropper to pick the color from the corner where the color is displayed, it will select a different color.
  2. Thanks, could you try with the color profile I've attached in the previous post?
  3. No. Thought this had been clarified, you keep regressing to this idea which is not related to the problem. At this point I'm only talking about the color output by Affinity. Nothing to due with the color code displayed by Affinity, or the values stored in the file. (we can get to that later in another thread) This has been understood. You cannot reproduce the problem. It is only noticeable with certain color profiles, none of them causes the problem for you. If you are curious try the profile I've attached, would be interesting if you cannot reproduce the problem with it. Color LCD-60F5227B-D14A-FB6B-554F-E301D534C60C.zip This is interesting information, but again, irrelevant for this discussion. The colors I've selected are representable accurately with 8bit. The problem still occurs with a 8bit document. 1. I don't care about the document color values at this point. Just the color output by affinity, which is not consistent between different parts of the interface. That might be useful to reveal some further possible problems I would leave that for another thread. Thats all good, but this topic is complex and it is easy to derail the discussion by introducing misinformation which is sometimes misleading and besides the point. That might be one of the reasons some of these discussion get nowhere and specialised software like Affinity and Sketch are still displaying colors differently. There is at least one inconsistency from Affinity's side, so lets try to isolate it and get at least one fixed? Thank you!
  4. I'm talking about lack of consistency inside of a single app: Affinity. Not talking about Affinity vs DCM Just try different color profiles in the system preference until you find one which makes affinity show different colors inside the app. I have some profiles which make the colors consistent, but I'm using the profile made for this display.
  5. I still get the difference in colors. Does not matter if measuring on a screenshot, or directly on the interface. It also doesn't matter if it is with DCM or AP color picker. Can you try with this screenshot? I'm too using the default and reccomended color profile for my mac. The fact that the problem happens conditionally depending on the selected monitor profile indicated that affiniy is not applying the same color conversion on the document and color picker. The fact that you keep talking about monitor ageing makes me believe you don't understand what is happening, just stating random facts, since that does not influence the measurements taken in any way.
  6. You use the same tool (Digital Color Meter or any other system wide color picker meter) to measure the difference of color between the two mentioned parts in the Affinity interface. Let me know if anything is not clear.
  7. Once again: The color profiles being applied should be the same between the color panel and the document window. The color picker and the document should display the same color. (Notice I didn't mention the Digital Color Meter in this sentence.)
  8. You keep mentioning the difference between the Digital Color Meter app and the document colors. But the issue is about the difference between the Affinity color panel and the document colors. When I pick a color using the color picker, I expect the color to be the same as the color displayed in the document, independently of the selected color profile (in affinity or the system). And I don't mean the color code, but the displayed color (which you can measure with the Digital Color Meter). Either you have a second point with that, which you are not mentioning explicitly, or you didn't understand the issue.
  9. Everything you quoted from the article makes sense, don't understand what is your point with it. Maybe this picture answers this question more clearly.
  10. The Apple Digital Color Meter measures the color of the screen pixel(s) as it is output by the system display buffer. There are multiple profiles in different buffer which contribute to that result. http://ricciadams.com/articles/osx-color-conversions/#osxis a good read. One of those profiles is set in Affinity's. Independently of the profile selected in the system, the colors should change consistently. The color panel and the object should display the same color.
  11. The Apple Digital Color meter is merely used to measure the color on the screen, not the point. With color of the document, I obviously mean the color of the object in the document. You measure the the color displayed in the affinitiy color panel, you measure the object color, you realise they are different. This seems to vary depending on the system color profile you are using.
  12. Afiinity's color swatch vs Affinity's document. Not about about Apple's Digital Color Meter
  13. Still that doesn't explain the difference in color between the Affinity's color swatch and the document right?
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