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  1. Here is how to make something like this. https://youtu.be/KnpDAlU1AmI
  2. Thanks for your comments. When I find some time, I will make a small tutorial.
  3. I did the same a few months back in PhotoPlus and decided to redo it this time with AP: Face by Dominique Krem, on Flickr
  4. Same answer for Affinity Photo than for Affinity Designer. So same answer (or comment) from my side. There is a lot of effort put into getting compatible with Adobe format than with Serif's own one. Somewhere, I have some difficulties to accept this "technical" explanation.
  5. I understand the technical argument... But isn't it strange that a new Serif product is not able to support older serif formats (of which Serif hes the full source code), while it allows to open as is Adobe formats?
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