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  1. I am delighted with the recent new Daub Pigmento brushes which I purchased as an add-on. I am a Corel Painter user for complex stuff, but need to doo more within Painter/Designer and these brushes were an instant hit with me for a couple of things which I achieved very quickly. I attach a couple of pics - both completely done in Affinity Painter. The background for the dog used the brushes (plus I used the lens blur in photo on the background). And then a sky for some collage work I am doing.
  2. I am compositing multiple layers, using masking to control the visibility of lower layers. I have a really simple example, but I see that there is a transparent or white fringe around the main shapes where the colours of the lower layer do not 'meet' the higher layer. I attach a snapshot of the image issue and also of the layers tab. the main shapes (flowers) have themselves been created by selection or eraser to separate them from a background, and they sit on a transparent background. I figure that I am doing something simple wrong, although I have watched the relevant videos (I think!). So would welcome tips to rectify.
  3. I withdraw this. I see that some are installed as vector and some as pixel. So in fact all are there. Fools rush in! All looks good now....
  4. Installing (importing) .afbrushes into Designer - from the packages bundled with the purchase. Seems to have stopped imported when there are ten categories. I.e. I have a bunch that I cannot import into the library.
  5. OK - Ive just read the small print - and will look for the link in the confirmation email.
  6. I have purchased the package including various add-ons (grade UI etc) - but cannot see where these packages have been downloaded - they have not been installed. Is there an additional step I need to do?
  7. Just bought. I enjoyed participating in the Beta, having used Serif products for the best part of 20 years.
  8. I was successfully editing three images in parallel. Adding filters/noise to each. But the noise panel of the first file edit in fact persisted into the second edited file (and the third). The whole programme then crashed. Also I find it weird that the Filter/noise submenu appears on the left hand side of the filer menu, when in fact the arrows on filter are on the right hand side, it seems in-ergonomic to me.
  9. Think this will also apply to Aff Photo. in Layers Tab it would be useful if by default the selected profile was displayed. this is because once you have closed the 'soft proof' popup (having selected a profile) there is no way of seeing what profile is active. So, if I come back and edit a doc which has the soft proof adj layer ... I have to 'remember' the profile set ... which may have been weeks ago. pic attached.
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