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  1. Thank you. Its been a long time since I was unable to admit my mistakes. It makes life much easier.
  2. This response is long overdue: I apologize for my approach and to those who I offended. I was a d*ck and theres no way around that.
  3. The last answer I received was an excuse for the media browser being based on a third party product and that there was no definitive answer on what the media browser might be eventually turned into something actually useful. Please spare me the insulting lip service of vague responses and if nothing is going to be done about it, I will certainly stop recommending Affinity Photo to those looking to replace Photoshop. Its a huge joke that this software is portrayed as a professional product when usability comes into question.
  4. I'm under the impression that asking anything about the media browser having any real useful functionality is a little more than they can handle right now. So much for all their talk about being able to cater to professionals.
  5. Please replace the Media Browser with something more functional and useful. As of right now its as useful as a screen door in a submarine. Not being able to keep it visible on a dual monitor system is nothing short of annoying. Not being able to actually manage files (Move/Copy/Delete) from the browser is another problem.
  6. Should I assume that your lack of response to my post of two days ago means thats all there is to be said about the subject? I'll put it in simple terms- The media browser is a miserable excuse for an actual browser. The fact that its based on third party code is of no interest to be to be honest with you. Poor implementation is just that and I have been holding out the hope that I would finally be able to walk away from Photoshop completely but the lip service about providing a "Professional" alternative seems to be just that. I am greatly disappointed in how this is being handled and have s
  7. Thank you for your response. I don't use Photos or iPhoto primarily because I don't need them but it would be nice if it could at least be "fixed" to a point where it remains visible on a secondary monitor. Also, I noticed what may be a bug in it which is wen I add another folder/ drive the display of all of them goes completely blank and doesn't come back until I close and reopen the media browser. I'm not aware of how much the majority of professionals out there use Photos/iPhoto but I'm fairly sure the professional community that Affinity is trying to capture would greatly appreciate it.
  8. First off: I am very happy with the overall functionality of Affinity Photo for Mac (Latest version) and love that I can walk away from Adobe. My only issue is that I find the media browser to be virtually useless. Why can it not be more functional where I can choose a directory much like in Finder and have it open? I can drag an entire drive into the browser but any of the folders cannot be dragged into the area where I can easily browse through them? Why is the functionality so much more complicated than Adobe Bridge? Why can there not be the simple functionality of clicking on a folder and
  9. You have no idea how disappointing that is. If I knew that the ability to make proper prints was not part of this software I never would have purchased it in the first place. To promote this software that is supposedly an excellent alternative to Photoshop is deceptive at best.
  10. Thank you Leigh. I've been used to selecting the paper (ICC) profile through Photoshop's printer dialog. I've played around a bit and it appears that I have to select "Import ICC Profile" before going into the printer dialog. So far, that seems to be doing the trick.
  11. The last update I was able to find regarding printer and paper profiles was in the beta forum dated 27 April of this year. Yesterday I attemtped to print to my Epson 4880 from Affinity Photo for the first time and I was completely frustrated in attempting to select any of my paper profiles for that particular job. Has there been any progress in making this software actually useful when it comes to printing?
  12. Hi, everybody. I'm Fred Teifeld, a professional photographer out of Evanston, Illinois, US- The city just North of Chicago. I've been looking forward to kicking Adobe to the curb for some time now and I'm just starting to dig into Affinity Photo. I'm also a Capture One Professional user because of the threatening capabilities as well as project management. What is the best way to contact support with questions?
  13. I have to ask- Why is there no way to minimize the Media Browser? It would be much easier to work with if tat feature were available.
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