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  1. I'm Ur fan now ;) but by the way.. I read many times that at the moment affinity photo is a good substitute for photoshop, while the raw work of lightroom can b best dealt with on1. i love the fast catalogfree handling of raws in on1, but I'm very much disappointed from the development results... so, I agree that this step is still an important issue, the affinity developer need to deal with, sooner or later. and i trust that they will.
  2. Hi. I'm Manuelinux. I live in northern Germany, which is not tooo good for nature fotography, but still... i always try to get the right light. I'm an affinity fan from the very beginning and I'm still suffering waiting for the ipad version. Another thing I would really like to get soon is a better mediamanager. The one available now is not confortable enough to kick out lightroom or worse ... nikon Viewnx-i. That's my goal!! Keep up the great job! Ilove this app.. and I also got affiniy designer just to support U. I am never ever gonna b a good designer ;) but I managed to make my own simple logo. thx for everything.
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