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  1. It is a "must have" that Publisher provides an "automatic optical letter/word spacing" like InDesign does. I don't want to do this job manually when working with hundreds of pages. Also mulitline composer is "must have". Hope that this will be implemented. If not, I can't use Publisher.
  2. I have thousands of InDesign CS6 files and stay on OS 10 for using this. I would like to open this files for further use f. ex. poster layouts for new motives ...
  3. Hi, opening an eps, created f. ex. with InDesign have some white lines in the picture, which aren't in the original. (The eps is correct, when I open it in PS, the picture is without the lines. But I wont to work with Affinity, not with PS.) I had this bug yesterday with 2 eps-files. I cannot upload the files, because its some hundred MB.
  4. I have to make JPGs for use in the web. I do the following steps: create the layout in InDesign. Export it in cmyk as jpg. Open it in affinity photo. Change size. Change from cmyk to rgb. Save as jpg. Now the Problem: in the past I opend the exported jpg in photoshop an made the changes. Now, in affinity photo, the colours in the end-file aren't the same as in photoshop. But this are defined colours and must be the same all time. The colour profiles in photoshop and affinity photo are the same (selected the same). How can I fix that?

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