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  1. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Upgraded to 1.5 and it now exports black SVG's properly. Y'all rule!
  2. Thanks so much Alex, that actually get the logo to render with the correct colors! However, and even tho my issue is 'solved' I am not working with Print, I am using on a website, so I have no idea why the web version is so broken in Affinity. Oh well, at least I have what I need, thanks much!
  3. Question: When I download the Google Play badge as an EPS from Google (https://play.google.com/intl/en_us/badges/) and open it in Affinity, the colors are waaay off. Affinity pops up a message about the color profile being assigned, but I can't figure out how to switch the profile to just look normal. Any help in what I'm doing wrong here? I'm attaching a photo of the message, as well as a comparison from what it should look like to what I'm getting.
  4. I'm trying to make an svg for export to the web, so I want it to have no space around it in the canvas. I can blow up the image with snapping points to make it the full width of my canvas, but then how do I adjust the height of the canvas so that it's the same as the image? The only method I could find was the File > Document Setup, but that doesn't let me manually drag it to the top and bottom of my SVG. It just wants me to enter in a height of pixels and I have no way of knowing that height. Included a screenshot below, I need the white space above and below the SVG gone, without
  5. Thanks much!! Now tell the rest of the team to hurry up with the 1.5 beta with the svg fill change, I just told my Adobe account to not renew at the end of the month. I'm officially committed! ;-)
  6. Awesome! How do betas work? Do I have to register to join a beta program or opt-in somewhere in app?
  7. Any word on if the feature is coming anytime soon? My Adobe renews at the end of the month :( Affinity does like 99.9% of the work, ugggg so tempting to drop Adobe but I don't want to have to remove all the fills manually.
  8. Web developer here, bought Affinity Designer in hopes of switching off Adobe completely. The app was great, got the job done, then I go to export the icon as an SVG and... it saves the color black as "fill:#000". Why Affinity why? :( It should save the color black with no fill tag at all, which will still appear as black, but lets web developers like me then alter the color dynamically via CSS. svg { fill: #888; } Am I hopefully just missing this setting somewhere? Kinda breaks the whole process of making svg icons. I don't want to have to use some important rule or something
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