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  1. Hello! This was my first attempt at a completely digital 'painting', which I ended up using stop-motion animation to turn into a short video. The artwork was created in Affinity Photo using the NB Master Watercolor brush set. Fox is actually the name of our pet Cockeral and Isla is my daughter. It was originally part of a larger piece which included a full portrait of Isla, but in the end, I decided to spin it out into a standalone piece. The portrait is ongoing. A higher-resolution version of the work can be viewed on my website at www.msibley.com. Thanks for looking 😊 Foxy 720p.mp4
  2. Hello, today I've been having fun with the Tone Mapping Persona and I wanted to share these 20 portrait presets with you. Of course, you can use them on anything that is not a portrait, too. Enjoy! Antonio Santos 20 Portrait Presets.aftonemap
  3. This is my first image using brushes digitally painting in Affinity Photo 2. Portrait of a Chinese Economist Keyu Jin, froze an image of her appearing on an internet found video program called "The Agenda". This would be my attempt to use that reference for this image. The second image here "Welcome to Vector Country" was a simple thing testing Affinity Designer.
  4. Kheyyy... I was wondering how long it would take to make a vector portrait. Answer: a lot. Introducing my friend Nathalie: ... and wireframe preview:
  5. Its been a while I was not posting on the Affinity forums, I am glad to have returned . Since the last 21th of April was the anniversary of the foundation of Rome, I decided to made a Tribute to the city through its ancient personification, Goddess Roma. I was Inspired by a very tiny thumbnail AI generated image, that caught me with with a fair and brave facial expression, I have hardly revorked facial traits in some hours with the powerful PixageFX Tool, and then I created by hand a vector design, good for both pixelart and full resolution works. for the vector drawing it took me about two days. Hope you all will like it.
  6. Been a while since I just sat down with Affinity and let something happen more-or-less on its own. This is what came out this morning. I like her, she's sassy.
  7. Hello everyone. This is my first time sharing something on the forum. I've been using the affinity designer V2 since its launch and I'm very comfortable working with it. It has made my work process much easier, and right now I feel hooked on it. I just wanted to share some illustrations of this last month with you and show my work process in the video. The serie is not finished yet but you can get and idea of how it goes... Best regards
  8. When you can't think of anything else to do try self portrait in vector...... Antony
  9. Well, it's been a funny year for us in the Kasper household: we've left the Isle of Wight and moved back to the North Island (or England, as the natives call it). We're still getting ourselves sorted out, and it hasn't left me much spare time for creating the usual Christmas video. Instead, I've made a Christmas card, with the most authentic portraits of us and a couple of the neighbours. (Yes, they live just across the back fence.) As you'll no doubt see, I couldn't be bothe didn't have time to draw in the calves' legs -- but it was rather misty at the time anyway! Merry Christmas!
  10. this is my first time when i did try paint portrait. First try in my life. Still is alot things which i have to learn
  11. Hi There: Was initially notified by email in June which coincidentally was not long after I'd jagged a new bill paying job, that I'll receive a batch of commissions for a set of figurative portraits from a single client later in the year. At first pretty stoked but at the same time tentatively thinking if I could pull it off, since I've not attempted any serious paid work for ages, well 1998...! to be exact using traditional media via a genre without mincing words, had previously excelled when a working artist, during the 90s. So anyway, I'm guessing they'd hit on an old long forgotten post of something leading too sparking an interest. Therein over the preceding months amidst a plethora of day to day detritus whilst also week in/out preforming high risk duties as an essential onsite worker, throughout a series of nationwide covid lockdowns due specifically to the Delta strain, coupled with our low vaccination rate in my region...trying to get back up to speed practicing using either stylus or pencil, sketching like there's 'no tomorrow' . Henceforth, finally taking delivery of relevant reference material several weeks ago, made a somewhat hesitant start, plus time-frame toward completion considering my usual workrate, at face value was a little tight (two & a bit months) however it's paid so needs must. Consequently, decided to lean heavily upon a digital format, hopeful in providing an efficient alongside effective solution meeting or indeed sliding under the agreed deadline. Current progress, first done, actually final edit was yesterday evening so happy to report the client's response was an approval of the finished result. Vector Outline: Curve Segment Paths - [Blockout] Workflow Breakdown For those interested, a brief walk-through of the process I've been 'tweaking' for the best part of two years, drawing realistic content utilising Affinity Designer. Personally I think I've struck a balanced approach in terms of technique out-putting whatever subject whether organic or hard surface, basically not that dissimilar too 3D pipeline tasks i.e. Background Ref's Blockout Base Sketch Refining Details Final Pass / Render Post Processing / Comp Typically, when freelancing as a Portraitist back in the day I'd mostly work from photographs, simply because of a preference for painting at ones own pace and also suited my persona as an artist without the additional hassle of in situ sittings. Now this particular methodology is fairly straightforward, base sketch is blocked out by tracing an image, from the outset primary color gradients are initially layered down. Once appropriately edited, I'll toggle over to ADs Persona suite of raster tools for texturing. In my opinion they're fully featured for my present need, default brush sets are intuitively user friendly including a fleshed out settings menu, quite useful when changing properties on the fly while implementing effects such as blur, opacity, glow etc, as well. Although that all said, layer management is pretty crucial, when dealing with complex content, the layer stack especially vector / pixel combinations will propagate fast, quick! so keeping tabs on usable naming conventions is well worth keeping an eye on, probably mitigated to an extent by some forethought during pre-planning. Each Relevant Stage Highlighted via Gif: Generally, with some optimism can state I've 'ironed' out more than a few wrinkles drawing using this app which hopefully bodes well for the remainder. Cheers.
  12. Recently completed work: Marie Antoine-Not. The subject of my next piece is DEFINITELY going to be bald*. * Or wearing a big hat.
  13. Today i finished my first vector portrait in Affinity Designer
  14. Well, since photography has always been my first love, here are some of my photos and often with my favourite model! 😉
  15. A much-loved grand-daughter. First attempt at a portrait using Affinity Designer.
  16. Recovering some old cliparts into vector with the help of AD ...
  17. special eyes, drawn with affinity designer (Vector).
  18. Feed back much welcomed. This is my first attempt at a vector self portrait. I’ve learnt a lot of techniques doing it.
  19. Star Wars - Rey - Portrait created in Affinity Designer
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