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  1. The strange little folk of the forests. Photo and 3d composition, 3D done in DazStudio.
  2. And thge cold wind outside gave me an summer idea …
  3. And a little WIP. It symply started with some trials for shading and developed into something else.
  4. As far as I know, you can use screenshots all day long. You are not selling any part of the code behind designer, on the contrary, it may even lead to sales. So don't worry about that.
  5. And another lazy one, only one colour (if you don't count the gradients.
  6. And some more photos … Don't worry, I have enough of them to go on for years! 😂
  7. And yes, I know what you want to say! Here it comes! And I was rather going for the mood than realism.
  8. And on it goes! This old man has far too much time to spend! 😄
  9. And since the woman in my life told me that it looked a bit empty … Version 2.0
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