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Found 138 results

  1. After messing with photography, editing and a little bit of design work I finally got AD and I absolutely love it. I do a lot of marketing and design stuff for my band but there's a certain limit to what I can do before I have to source it out. I'm slowly finding my bearings and am looking forward to learning more and developing in the realm of an amateur graphic designer. Here's a couple of simple ones I recently did just to get a hand of a few techniques. Comments and criticism welcome!
  2. Hello everybody this is my new video on my youtube channel on How to Draw Custom Lettering in Affinity design I Hope you like it :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruxbz13QxUI&t=6s . . . . . other videos --------------------- Affinity Photo : Logo Design From Face by TutsupĀ® https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2z1WPIEWz0&t=7s --------------------- How to Draw Twitch Logo in Affinity design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr2Ur-5TDYU&t=39s --------------------- Affinity Design speedart : gravity falls by TutsupĀ® https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aefLWSzconk&t=101s --------------------- Web design using affinity designer | "TutsUp" website (speed art) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGVrV2_RS0k&t=4s ...etc
  3. Tool from illustrator (i used Cs4): allow to very quickly make a smooth shapes and lines after drawing the rough please see the attached pic. This is saving tons of time in making logos and complexed shapes also in caligraphy and illustration. very important tool, i very miss this. Thanks. Rotem.
  4. Hi guys, here is a logo for an euro-dance tour which begins in a couple of months in Spain. We created every single piece of artwork with Affinity Designer & Photo, from branding to stage decorations. Except for video, of course :-) More info: http://yosaliadefiestaenlos90.com
  5. Hello everyone! This is my first post here. I wanted to share the logo to represent my professional identity/brand, that I designed using Affinity Designer. Any feedback would be appreciated. Regards, Haroon Q. Raja
  6. Hi all. I've switched over almost completely from Illustrator and other vector graphic programs to Affinity Designer. It's been a much less painful experience that I'd expected, and I've been having a lot of fun with the app's features. Having just finished my first formal concept design for a website's splash page, I thought I'd post it here because...Affinity! Anyway, hope the colours brighten your day!
  7. Hello forum member Hello developer team We start today with a promo video which includes screen recording of a little parts of the creation. Actually, we did not want to post this here, however, we are exited by Affinity and his designer software. We find that the developers have invested a lot of effort and time in the software and we want to show them that the software is also used by professionals. Much thanks for your enormous effort and we hope that the development never stops. Here the short movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPhiDorLV8k ...and attached the final logo. We hope you like it. Greetings Daniel Designer of the logo
  8. Created this Mascot logo with Affinity Designer, I recently started using AD and i am new to Vector Designing. Any good sites where i can sell this type of logos ? Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G32g1Ywo9vg
  9. Hello, I'm using Affinity designer, and I created my own logo now is my question is it legal to use the font (Copperplate) in/as my logo with commercial background? Thank you for your attention to this matter! :)
  10. Hi, I am working on a logo and the final subtext I went with is called "Shree Devanagari 0714 regular", which comes stock with Designer. Does anyone know where I can buy the license to legally use this for a logo? How much? Thanks
  11. As a bloody ADesigner starter I wanted to scale my vector-logo by simply holding the cmd-key. But this made the lines thicker when I reduced the size or made them very thin, when I wanted to make the logo bigger. How can I scale my vector lines proportional (excuse my english :mellow: )???
  12. I need to include a branding/logo layer on (top of) every image I process in Photo (not Designer), prior to export. Is there a way I can create this layer, store it, then 'superimpose' it (optionally) when I open up a new image, without having to recreate it every time from scratch? Thank you.
  13. Hi, i would like to create a logo like the well-known one from "Everlast": I tried with an eclipse and text to path: As you can see it doesn't look like the original and i'm not sure if it's even possivle to recreate the in this way. Maybe create TWO eclipes, overlay them, do an invert or something? Do i really just need a shape like the Everlast-logo? Or does the "text to path" only apply on the bottom line of a shape and not also on top? Thanks! NBG
  14. First logo done for client with AD & Wacom Intuos pen tablet (M).
  15. I wanted to share a project I completed using Affinity Designer. I worked with a client to redesign her interior design business logo. You can view the work in my portfolio by visiting this link. Aundra Skinner Interiors I know my client is happy with her new logo. I would love to hear what others think as well.
  16. Just bought and sure it will be great.... First thing I want to do is design company logo. I want 4 letters typed in caps locking as tough going into the distance slightly with a '45 degree shadow of the same behind. Can't see any way to achieve it though. Similar effect to the link below though letters, colours, text all different. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JCB_(company) The yellow JCB logo. Would be really grateful for any help or advise. Thanks very much Stu
  17. Still learning Affinity Designer. The vector side needs some work, but I'm really enjoying the vector/pixel capabilities. I keep wanting to go to Illustrator for some vector options that are lacking, but I'm trying to figure out how to get the same results in Affinity. Here is a promo piece I just did for a Ruffmouse logo doodle. Other than exporting a pixel layer to get an effect available in Illustrator, I did the rest of the illustration in Affinity Designer.Looking forward to some new upgrades and making this program a go to for pixel pushing.
  18. ...messing around in AD, just for fun - feel free if you want change the colors : ) Affinity-Logo.zip If someone want use this icons, simply open one .png file with Preview on Mac. Select the icon with [cmd+a] and then press [cmd+c] to copy that file. Go to your application folder and click with right mouse on the app and choose information. Click on the icon on the upper left corner and press [cmd+v]. If you want go back to the original icon, open app-information again, click on the icon and press [delete].
  19. I'm baaaa-aaack... :) I'm getting stuff together for a June 1 debut date for my webcomic: Afterwards. I knew I wanted a true logo, not just some spiffed-up word in a display font. So I hand-drew the logo in Manga Studio, using some lettering/calligraphic brushes I picked up along the way and then imported it into Affinity Designer for that vector touching (which is surprisingly legal in most US states.) . Anyway... I had set up some goals for this logo: It had to look hand drawn. I wanted that hand-crafted look to reflect the conditions of the story (more on that later...). It had to be legible at small sizes and the counters ("holes" in the letters -- a, o, e, etc) had to be large enough not to bleed when printed or reduced. Clean design and strong movement. Meaning not many (if any at all) fiddly bits. Be simple enough to be printed in black, white, or spot color without any gradients or such, but still be able to deal with them if needed. (I believe that if a logo depends on being a specific color, it fails at being a good logo.) I think I did okay on those three conditions. One thing that I noticed is that from left to right, the design is a bit cramped and chaotic and gets more "orderly" as we go rightward. Which is a pretty good summary of the history of the world in this story. The story is a post-apocalyptic one, without Zombies, etc. In fact nobody, at the start of the story, knows exactly what really happened to end the world some 200 years earlier. And, yes, that's a plot point. ;) So attached is the logo, let me know what y'all think of it. Good, Bad, indifferent. First one to type "TL:DR" will be among the initial group of people against the wall when the revolution comes. Oh, forgot to mention, the grey block in the upper right is the original Manga Studio sketch I based this AD design on.
  20. https://youtu.be/dGds0Rf1B0E
  21. Hi there guys! Thanks to your help I could finish my first logo for a Health, Yoga, and stuff Company. Above the logo! Once again thank you very much for your help!
  22. Un personaje hecho en Affinity Designer http://fav.me/da8og9u Logo hecho para mi grupo en Facebook de MOHO (Animestudio) http://fav.me/dac9z9q Espero les guste. PD: Si lo desean unanse al grupo de Affinity Designer en Devian Art
  23. Hey Guys!! Newbie here! I'm new to the design and editing world in general. I came across afPhoto as a means of editing some photography I do and man, was I Impressed!!! I recently tried out afDesign and am really digging it. I love both programs! Anyways, here are some various designs I've created using either afphoto, afdesign or a combination. Thoughts, comments and constructive criticism are encouraged!
  24. I can already publish the new work I created for one of the most important battery manufacturers in Europe and its brand new product.
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