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  1. Hello. I have a question or even a suggestion for implementing an additional function for color correction. I am engaged in photography and video. And to paint my videos I wanted to use the 3D LUT program for detailed painting, but then I updated the program of that feature in Davinci Resolve 17. But mostly I edit in Final Cut, some in Premire Pro from Adobe, and not everyone has the opportunity to work with color so selectively. For this most use and load a LUT. I myself have used Affinity Photo to create a LUT for a video. But! This "Color Warper" tool gives you more options for color correction. The killer ability to create masks based on color without using the selection tool. This is just awesome! I think that you should think about implementing this function in Affinities products. It also comes in handy for photographers to edit their work. It is a very flexible tool. Thanks!
  2. This is my real tattoo. Made it again. 2014, therefore, looks dull. Need to update. 😉 To confirm in my words, you can find a video on TikTok or YouTube where the tattoo is visible. It is difficult to fake in the video and would not do it exactly. The question was the following. Is this a single shot or a cue?
  3. Hi. How do you think this is done? One frame and. retouching or completely all each individual photo collected in a collage? Instagram and YouTube
  4. With this illustration, I was inspired by the splash screen when loading the program Affinity Designer. I liked it and I decided to repeat it.
  5. While working on this catalog, I used all the programs from the Affinities package.
  6. Commercial project completed for the customer I am currently working on.
  7. Glad to see. I want to share my work, for my personal project: In the work used Affinity Designer, Adobe After Effects. P.S: I really look forward to Serif releasing an analog After Effectts and more functional and fast. Thank.
  8. Hello. I want to share the first commercial work done with products Affinity. I have developed a corporate identity for the official dealer, who is engaged in the sale of cars: Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru. Work for: https://www.behance.net/gallery/61807951/fastar-(brending) and Mouche video presentation: Thank.
  9. I completely agree with you. Faced this error even on the first versions of the program, as new versions were released, the error persisted. Yesterday, I deleted all the fonts and exported it. BUT, I could not find which typeface conflicts with Affinity. But it's definitely not Si Font, I just do not have it.
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