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  1. Let's say you have a square that you want to type text into. How do you make the text wrap to a new line when a word reaches the left side of the square?
  2. MiLeung

    Recents and export persona not saved

    Thanks! That fixed my recents drop-down issue, but the continuous export issue still persists.
  3. When I close the app and open it back up, nothing is shown in the recents drop-down menu and the export persona's continuous export is not saved. Luckily, my designs are still saved.
  4. I'm completely new to using Affinity Designer or making logos, so please correct me if I'm using incorrect terminology. I noticed that a lot of company branding resources show how their branding involves variables and math. For example, Twitter and Product Hunt. How do you make designs that use variables and math? For example, making a triangle with A, B, and C degrees or drawing a line from the midpoint of another line. I am coming from Fusion 360 which is very manufacturing oriented (and has very little overlap with AD), so precise angles and lengths are very easy to specify, but AD seems to be a lot more freehand oriented.
  5. A lot of times I'll use Fusion 360 to design something because of it's use of constraints and precise measurements and then export a sketch as a dxf. Would be nice to import a dxf file into AD and modify it further.

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