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  1. Thank you, it worked some how. But now when i remove the bleed the black shapes is now very pixelated.
  2. Seems like there is some crazy going on when working with shapes and underlying layers. Here i have white shapes and use black shapes inside the white ones to make the "shadow" look if you get me. But i get these strange white jagged edges. These lines even comes with the final export. Is this a render issue or simply a bug? All i know, is that it is annoying.
  3. Been trying out Affinity Designer Trial for a while now, and i love it. Only concern i have right know will designers of all kinds be able to sell their work? As most people or customers out there require the format .AI from illustrator as well as the other formats .eps, .svg, .jpeg and so on. Any tips for this concern? I also use illustrator but im thinking about switching to Affinity Designer on full time. Thank you!
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