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  1. I normally group them its quicker for me, but dragging off into the artboard a lot is the same problem. You just end up with a massive hierarchy that you have to drag to a layer or group. You do this a lot with artboards.
  2. Hi. When working with a lot of shapes outside an artboard, the area becomes very cluttered at your layers panel and I thought it would be great if you had like a default group that you could then collapse to get to your artboards easier. Thought this would be easy to implement so I thought I would ask about it. Call it Art Work or something, So you don't have to group every time you put something new there just to find it easy enough to get to your artboard groups.
  3. Is it just me or when you go to transform > flip horizontally, it flips it vertically and does the same on the flip vertical? Are they the wrong way round? Very unprofessional lol.
  4. What do you guys think about the logos being updated? I think they look pretty poor. More like this? I was a lot more strict geometrically. Don't mind criticism.
  5. Hi, I am new to this but, I pan on stylus hover and don't have a problem. If you make a quick dot with the stylus the dot is full size, not thinner with the pen pressure like it should be.
  6. I just had the same issue with my Wacom One. It is not the tablets problem, I have tried it on other photo editing software and it does not have this problem.
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