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  1. Tanjib

    Typographic Logo

    Most recent post on dribbble. Check it out! Combination of M & Y.
  2. Tanjib

    Typographic Illustration

    Oh, I see! landscape 8 looks like oo. isn't it?
  3. Tanjib

    Typographic Illustration

    What did you mean?
  4. Tanjib

    Typographic Illustration

    Did you find that? Please don't say it looks like "LOOX" not "LOOK" Dribbble | Twitter | Google+
  5. Tanjib

    Personal Logo

    I am posting it on dribbble. Check it out https://dribbble.com/shots/4890922-Personal-Logo
  6. Tanjib

    Exploring AD

    Ha ha ha. Now it's looked like a hybrid phone
  7. Tanjib

    UI Design for fun

    Ha ha ha, glad to hear that!
  8. Tanjib

    Created by a tutorial

    Thanks, Affinity4Christ15
  9. I am trying to explore AD and the result is I hope you like it. Dribbble ^ Google+ ^ Linked | In
  10. Tanjib

    Beer mug

    Happy journey to learn new things
  11. In this post, I am sharing some tips and tricks to improve your workflow. I hope it will be helpful to you. Here is the LINK
  12. Tanjib

    Sausage party

    Awww. loved it
  13. Tanjib

    Beer mug

    Nice work but I think the shadow is not the right place. Because you did the lighting of this illustration diagonally so why the shadow is vertical and widespread?