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  1. baal_uriel

    Banner for a chat room

    Thank you very much for your comment!!! Yes the "e" is very dark... big mistake. But thank you once again!
  2. baal_uriel

    Banner for a chat room

    I did this for a facebook fan page of a chat room. I was finishing the second season of Strangers Things, you guys may found some likeness. Im open to your recommendations to improve my works. Be nice please. Regards,
  3. baal_uriel

    Web Design

    Thank you very much Stephan!! Will learn to program and code ;)
  4. Hi there friends, As a couple of you may know Im new to all this world of design and illustration. I´ve been using AD since I started, only use Illustrator for a couple of things that are not available (yet) in AD. I´ve been looking for this on the web, maybe I haven´t look for it well, but what better place to ask than in Affinity forums. The things is I have a web design. All my pages, or my one page web site. How do I put it on the web to work properly? I don´t know how to do it, can someone please help me. Thanks in advance.
  5. baal_uriel

    Mesh Tool

    Thanks Paolo!!! The workbook is on its to my house, I order it a couple of days ago. and I will follow Sir Jonathan.
  6. Dear Friends and Community, I´m doing an Illustrator course (never had a course for design in my life) and there is this tool, mesh tool,is there a similar tool in AD? or something to get the same "effect" or the same "finish" people say that with gradient, but it is not the same. Thanks for your support, Regards, Jose A.
  7. baal_uriel


    Thank you!! I needed and affinity user review of the new macbook pro! Im getting one too... but will wait a couple of months to get the new models.
  8. baal_uriel

    Help with font

    Thank you very much guys!!!
  9. baal_uriel

    Help with font

    I dont know if this is the right place to start this post, but I wish to kwon if anyone here in the affinity community could tell me the name of the font below, I cant understand its name. Thanks!
  10. Thanks buddy!! I will watch them immediately
  11. Hi there guys, I´ve been searching for a tutorial in the forums and in the vimeo channel and haven´t found a thing about hot to do 3D texts or how to 3D an existing object. I´m working on my brand, I´m trying to make a logo, but I want it to be 3D or at least have it as an option, but don´t kwon how to do it. I would much appreciate your help on this. Regards, Jose A.
  12. baal_uriel

    Party Invitation

    Dear Friends, Once again with my mac, after 5 months without it. Im back to business, Im working on this party invitation for a 8 year old girl. Hope you like it. By the way, I have a problem when exporting it to png or jpg, it exports as an small image, I have all the document settings right for a digital invitation as I used to do it before, but still shows small and pixeled. attached is the example. Could someone tell what am I doing wrong? Thank you very much!
  13. baal_uriel

    Mandala Designs with Affinity Designer Beta

    i love your work buddy!!! The colors are amazing!!!
  14. baal_uriel

    Crashing a lot with new 1.5 update

    i have a problem like this. My mac started crashing I even took it to an apple store, they fixed it. But when I opened AD again it crashed again, I can even use my mac any more :(
  15. I dont know if this post is right to be here but I dont know where to put it. I updated to the version 1.4.3 to be optimized for MacOS Sierra, but everytime I open AD my computer crashes. Is there a way to downgrade to 1.4.2?? Thanks a Lot!