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  1. Hi there guys!! By any chance do you know any Spanish tutorials? Although i am very good in English, there are some terms that I don't recognize. Thank you very much!!
  2. baal_uriel

    School Books Labels

    Its just for a kid, its a way to personalize his o her books, notebooks, etc. Its very very common down here. In fact it's one of the most common requests for a Graphic Designer down here.
  3. baal_uriel

    School Books Labels

    Thanks for your comment! Here in Venezuela is very common for an illustrator to do this type of work, in fact, my wife is the one that does this type of work, but she is so full of work, that I had to help her with this two.
  4. baal_uriel

    School Books Labels

    Thank you so much for your comment!!
  5. Hi there guys! I wanted to share some labels a client requested for her kids. I hope you like them. As always, all your comments and recommendations will be appreciated. Best Regards, Jose
  6. baal_uriel

    How to...?

    Thank you!!
  7. Hi there Guys!! I don't know if this is the correct forum, but I need to do something like the image attached, first: is it possible to do it in AD? If so, how can I do it? Any of you knows a tutorial? In my little experience as a designer, I think it has to be vectorized, then do a cliping or masking with texture... am I going in the right path? I would much appreciate any help, comments or suggestion as how to do it. Thank you so much! Regards, Jose A.
  8. baal_uriel

    New Pikachu artwork

    Thank you very much!!
  9. baal_uriel

    New Pikachu artwork

    Thank you for your comment!
  10. Hi there guys! My son wanted a cake-topper and his birthday decoration of Pikachu (he just saw Detective Pikachu Movie) so, I tried my best, I found an image in google, I started working on it. Here is the final result. I will appreciate any recommendation or suggestion. Thank you so much!
  11. baal_uriel

    Banner for a chat room

    Thank you very much for your comment!!! Yes the "e" is very dark... big mistake. But thank you once again!
  12. baal_uriel

    Banner for a chat room

    I did this for a facebook fan page of a chat room. I was finishing the second season of Strangers Things, you guys may found some likeness. Im open to your recommendations to improve my works. Be nice please. Regards,
  13. baal_uriel

    Web Design

    Thank you very much Stephan!! Will learn to program and code ;)
  14. Hi there friends, As a couple of you may know Im new to all this world of design and illustration. I´ve been using AD since I started, only use Illustrator for a couple of things that are not available (yet) in AD. I´ve been looking for this on the web, maybe I haven´t look for it well, but what better place to ask than in Affinity forums. The things is I have a web design. All my pages, or my one page web site. How do I put it on the web to work properly? I don´t know how to do it, can someone please help me. Thanks in advance.
  15. baal_uriel

    Mesh Tool

    Thanks Paolo!!! The workbook is on its to my house, I order it a couple of days ago. and I will follow Sir Jonathan.

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