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  1. AjaxF

    New Pikachu artwork

    Nice!! Looking good - I think this will be a big hit for your son's birthday. I really like the shadow detailing on the hat, and overall. Really good job here :).
  2. Thanks! Yeah, Prime was so good. I am really hoping for a port or remake on the Switch :) For sure! I will post some more soon; Got a bit side tracked over Christmas break haha.
  3. Hello! Thought I would share what I've been working on lately. I'm a fairly new user to Affinity Photo & Designer; my usual "go-to" is Sketchbook Pro, but the addition of Affinity has been awesome. I'm still learning the different brushes/ strokes/ and UI so it's taking me a bit to adjust. I'm quite a fan of the Metroid franchise and I love the artwork that's involved. Below is a freehand sketch of the "official" baby sheegoth creature, and I'm hoping to put my own spin on things when it comes time for colour. I've been alternating on my Surface Pro 4 & Wacom Cintiq, if anyone was curious to what I was using. Feel free to leave feedback; I'm always down for that :). Adrian
  4. Sweet, that's awesome! Fingers crossed that this is something the team will consider . I also saw Affinity Photo as an alternative, especially with how everything is going subscription based. Once I started using it, I realized it can do so much more (which included digital drawing). Now I can't stop mentioning it to people haha.
  5. Glad you agree as well, it would be so awesome to have this feature! :). Its pretty much the same layout with either or software, but the one thing I do like to do is: go to 'View' from menu and toggle the UI when I'm drawing in pencil. That pretty much pushes everything away and you only see the canvas. It's handy for sure. By the way - did you decide on the Surface book or iPad pro ? I was in that boat as well (though with the SP4), and ended up going with the SP4 due to having a full operating system :).
  6. Hi Affinity! Had an idea - not sure if it's been mentioned, I tried looking around on the forum but didn't see anything. I was wondering, would it be possible to have a 'Tablet Mode' interface that the user could toggle? I have a Surface Pro 4 as my main mobile computer and while that's great when I'm at home (connected to my Wacom Cintiq), I was thinking about when I'm out and about. It would be cool if I could open Affinity Photo and go into a 'tablet' mode sorta thing, where maybe the icons are just a bit bigger and there's less on the screen; touch friendly and immersing the user more into drawing/ designing/ whatever they're doing etc. Further building on that - It would be neat if I could put my Surface into Tablet Mode via the Windows 10 option, and Affinity Photo would switch over into it's own 'Tablet Mode'. Has this been discussed before ? Just wanted to share that idea Thanks!