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  1. for me it import full size page 215/279,4 and the dia in the middle i need to see mouse position ^^ rulers ok but my eyes searching numbers :-)
  2. I appreciate that affinity could embed pdf to even modify it but typographie not follow ;-(( here a copy oginial pdf and place pdf in affinity, the text in the table are wrong in affinity…
  3. Have you a project to make Table to text or text to table option very usefull to transforme data in table
  4. Hi This is my favorite way to work hard and fast for the sea time /tide schedule. and i do not find equal in publisher, please try to make indesign equal : Table to Text / Text to Table
  5. Titep


    Surfing in the fog with Affinity photo…
  6. Hi is there a way to push the automatique level to make a calc and then module it with % ? ;-) thank Philippe i join a photo that had automatique level…∞
  7. Titep

    First test

    to be delete
  8. Titep

    First test

    Merci je cherchais ma "Media library" ?? et je n'ai pas trouvé comment la créer et uploader des fichiers online :-) Green washing dossier Mac https://postimg.org/image/ckyn4uu85/ Il n'y a pas de visualisation SVG online ??
  9. Titep

    First test

    Mon premier essais sur Affinity designer, quelques outils me manquent vs illustrator mais la fluidité est là. My first step on Affinity designer, somme menus miss me VS illustrator but fluidity is here. Quality.afdesign Quality_aff.svg

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