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  1. A 5 person DnD group wanted a illustration of their party. This was fun to work on using character descriptions.
  2. Random shoot with a couple taking shots on an iphone in a random parking lot last night. I just guessed at setting to get a strong exposure to produce some silhouettes with detail. I noodled with levels and contrast and used some color filters to boost the colors in the sky and experiment a little. Canon 7D shutter 1/40 f 4 or 5.6 ISO 800
  3. Landscape from above LAs Cruces NM. Canon 7D Camera Settings: f/20, 1/50s, ISO-100, 70mm Canon 28-135 USM Lens First image was as shot and second is edited to ad a little more color vibrance. All edited in affinity photo. The image was too dry and I wanted to push the colors up a little
  4. So, this guy is a young twitch streamer I have played siege with for a while and he wanted a new logo for his channel. He really liked Shrouds S logo icon and wanted a similar effect with a G. I think i came pretty close with this iteration and as always enjoy your feedback. Red was the requested color and I solved it by using negative space with a red outline because the inverse "looks like a muppet" according to people around me. Twitch: gilleyg edit: I redrew the icon G 8 times in case anyone is curious. This is my 8th iteration.
  5. I am slowly finding tools I had in Illustrator and using those in Affinity, This has been a fun experience. This is a logo for a company in GA. The kanji is the simple symbol for dragon and the client wanted a sword in the design. The sword took me while to incorporate but once I saw it I think it worked out. I also made a dragon illustration for the design -- Logo is vector and dragon sketch is pixel.
  6. fried egg, available in game too I believe
  7. Halloween or Pumpkin Spice season is upon us
  8. I was sketching and wanted to play with an acquaintance's stage name. So I made the test for fun and then sold him the final design. Then, I wanted to do a full 26 letter study with the font. The logo is out the door and sold but any critique on the 26 letters is welcome.
  9. Just sketching ideas out of my mind. I get flooded some times and will sketch many pieces in a few days and then nothing for a few weeks.
  10. Still working on this piece and seeing where the design takes me.
  11. push the concept a little further. My real issue has been with the "m" -- in trying to make the typeface style match. Graffiti Artist are uncredited typographers.
  12. Working out structure and placement for a painting.
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