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  1. There seems to be some stability issues while drawing with my Huion tablet. The program crashes from time to time while using vector tools. I do all my drawing in pixel persona because the program is more stable and I work Large but the the vector tool seem to be more unstable as i add line or draw to fast. The problem feels like a ram issue: memory gets overloaded as I add more lines when drawing.
  2. I think desaturating the back ground color will remove the false nature of the color. Objects in a distance are always a softer/ less saturated color. The value seems too high for the blues because our eyes want the back ground colors to have a lower saturation value.
  3. Doing a study on Spider Gwen and 2B trying to create a drawing
  4. Ive been working on some things I cannot share but I did create this for a friend. Wed Addams NSFW or DeviantArt Link <---It is definitely NSFW. Per guidleines I posted a link.
  5. I found a fix deep in the Forums. Preference > Tools -- Uncheck "Uses Windows Ink for Tablet Input" -- In case anyone just had a problem or wants to Update Win10
  6. New windows update broke pressure Sense for me and I rolled back already but Win 10 forced the update through while i was sleeping and now I cant rollback. Sensitivity is broken. The roll back fixed it but I can no longer roll back. I need help.
  7. Try Exporting an EPS file. This file type is universal. Tiff formats also have layers as well as PDFs can house layer information. The PSD save might be flattening your work. Also, Photoshop is a Raster program. So no vector data will transfer.
  8. The newest Windows 10 Updates are causing driver issues for Huion Tablets. Just in case you have this problem and have not found a solution, Roll your Windows 10 update back for now.
  9. Thank you. I use the basic brush with pressure sensitivity.
  10. I am seeing the problems with this design after walking away for a day or so. Time to go back and redefine it. -- The colors are from the app Also, this issues one of the issues with a creating a font
  11. Its an app trying to save honey bees. Having fun with it.
  12. Thank you to anyone who dropped in today. Ink and color version,
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