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  1. I ended up going with the Surface Pro 6 just because I can use it for many other programs and the ease of file transfer from my camera, or external hard drive. I’ve only had it for a few days but I’m loving it! Do you have any favorite things or tips about the Surface Pro that you would suggest I look into? I haven’t used anything Microsoft based in a very long time.
  2. Yes sorry I didn’t word it very well. I was wondering if the pen for the iPad or the surface would support being used in conjunction with the vector brush tool. Which I learned works for both which is great! Thank you for wording that better haha!
  3. 100% agree! The lack of hand gesture capability on Windows 10 is really putting me in a tough position of leaning towards purchasing an iPad Pro vs. a Microsoft surface book. If it had an easier way to undo through touch commands I would immediately go for the surface book...but here I am stuck inbetween.
  4. I 100% agree! I’ve been debating on purchasing a surface book vs an iPad Pro and the first thing I noticed when messing around with the surface book in tablet mode vs the iPad was that I didn’t have the ease of the touch commands such as the two finger tap to undo...I didn’t think it would matter to me so much but it really makes a difference to have that touch friendly layout/commands. I noticed it when messing around with affinity designer( I haven’t tried photo yet...but I can imagine a similar scenario)
  5. Update: I went to Microsoft and tried it. You can use the vector brush tool with the surface pen in the same “drawing” motion that you can use on the iPad. I’ve been debating purchasing an iPad Pro vs. a Surface Pro 6...I was messing around with the app on the iPad Pro at the apple store and one thing I liked a lot is you can use the Apple Pencil to essentially “draw” your vectors through the vector brush tool. Is there the ability to do this on Microsoft surface pro with the surface pen with the pc version of affinity designer? Or is it only for the iPad app? Thanks!
  6. Yea I’m in a predicament where essentially my MacBook needs to be repaired because the keyboard and trackpad are no longer responsive. Apple deemed it a hardware problem and it’s about 4 yrs old and around a $500 repair...I can use it from home with an external keyboard/mouse though. But I miss the portability of being able to do my work elsewhere. So idk if I want to just use it from home until the external keyboard/mouse no longer work and go for the iPad for the portability...or what...I’m strongly contemplating a 12.9” but I can’t tell if I should go for the 256 GB...realistically I probably should. Financially I’m hesitant on upgrading to the 256 lol!
  7. Thanks for your input! Ya I definitely want a 10.5” minimum I think...such a tough decision lol
  8. Do you like the 12.9? I’ve been debating and I’m leaning towards the 12.9...how many GB if you don’t mind me asking?
  9. Wow! Incredible work that looks so realistic! I’ve been contemplating getting an iPad Pro but can’t decide on which one...What specs is your iPad Pro?
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