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  1. Hi, Lenni Here my Check List is; When using any graphic softwares, turn off Anti-Virus, or put these folders in Exception List of Real Time Scan(for ex, Program/Adobe and Program/Common/Adobe, if you use Adobe products...,Program/Affinity and Program/Common/Affinity, etc...). If you meet with 1 or 2 sec freezing of mouse, and if you installed Realtek Audio Driver, you’d better install the latest version of Realtek Audio drv. It will improve this trouble. Wacom drv is C*n. So, you’d better install stable version, not the latest version. When using AD or AP, do NOT run other programs. If you use HDD for your C Drive, you have to defrag it. Microsoft changes very dramatically Win 10 every 6 months, especially Devices, Fonts, Display, DirectX, etc..., so, you may get various errors every 6 months. Be Cautious. And, do NOT install any Beta programs, if you want to keep your PC stable. About Official Release, Software company/house should have very serious responsibility for product quality. However, if you use Beta, it’s At Your Own Risk. Affinity products, same. I cannot understand some guys very easily say, try to install Beta, in this forum. It’s very Odd manner, isn’t it ? But, they don’t add this word, At Your Own Risk. If you want to join Beta test, or work for Affinity, please install Betas, but At Your Own Risk, though... (Betas have many new bugs, as you know.) When you’ll try to install Beta, you’d better use Uninstall Tools which generate install log. You’ll be able to check AD/AP implants good or bad seeds on your PC. I think Affinity products don’t run with sandbox or similar tools. So, use Uninstall tools, instead. And, you’d better establish stable workflow and environment for your work. If you want to use Wacom, you’d better find another or other choice/s, such as PS CS6 or....
  2. Hi, Lenni, Try to delete all files under, User/Your Name/Appdata/Roaming/Affinity/Designer/1.0/temp. Not Responding Error is very haunted major bug from first release of AD and AP Windows version. It is related with common modules(AF engine), maybe. I think ordinary Affinity users already know this very major bug, and it does NOT generate any crash report by AD and AP, only Windows generate Application Error(application hangs). I cannot understand why Affinity does not solve this very famous bug. What tool or application of Affinity generate crash report while AD and AP get Not Responding Error ? Not Responding means AD/AP is entirely and completely freezing up. Only Windows generates App Error in Event Log. If you check temporary folder under User...Local, you’ll find very interesting file related with this error. This major bug still remains in AD/AF 1.7. (When you get Unhandled Exception Error, you’d better check Graphic Card Driver or other Devices. When you get Not Responding Error, I never recommend you to update Graphic Driver or Windows. In this case, Driver Update is almost useless. To avoid this error; do not open many files, save file every 2 or 3 steps, do not open/make big size file, wait for a while after Export to terminate AD/AP process... Even if you do everything, you’ll get Not Responding Error often and randomly. And you have to kill AD/AP process with Task Manager. Input/Output/Import/Export/Conversion is/are very weak points of common modules of AD/AP, not yet fixed, unfortunately.)
  3. See this thread; Affinity Photo Beta 1.7 Windows Version Not Supported Error By EvanDa, Saturday at 01:08 AM
  4. Hi, EvanDa, This is known issue of the installer which Affinity 1.7 now uses(at least we already know it). Do you know how to set(change) Compatibility Mode on Windows 10 ? If you're not sure, you'd better search on internet, and you'll find the solution (two ways to set compatibility mode on Windows 10) on Microsoft. Right Click installer and set compatible mode to Windows 10, restart Windows , etc... If you cannot solve this trouble with these solutions, please ask again to Support Staffs of Affinity. They will check their Visual Studio options, maybe...
  5. jetstorm

    .netframe 4.7.2

    Hi, Mark, I’m very disappointed and sad to hear that Affinity doesn’t understand what working environment of professionals is. Some Applications, yes, some applications, but we use them with many and various plugins, etc... Do you understand how difficult to establish stable workflow in Real World ? It’s not so simple in Our Real World, may be Affinity cannot understand. At least, Affinity Should release hotfixes for Not Respondig Error on Windows or other major bugs, before AD 1.7, if Affinity has Some Good Policies of Professional Graphic Biz(Before wrote Some Apps..., Affinity should do release hotfixes. Even if Affinity requires .net 4.7.*, major bugs remain, still remain in 1.7...) I understand Something Different in Affinity which I couldn’t find in the past. Thanks again.
  6. jetstorm

    .netframe 4.7.2

    Thanks, but very sad news from Affinity. We’re still using Windows 7, because it is more stable than Windows 10, and we don’t get headache from Every 6 months Upgrade. Many design houses/companies are using Windows 7 still now, as you know. To keep stable working environment and workflow is more important than OS upgrades. For ex., some companies are still using Adobe CS2/CS4/CS5.5/CS6, as you know. Some 3D CG applications don’t work with .net 4.7.*, because of its compatibility problems. Very unfortunately, we cannot accept.net 4.7.*. So, we will not install AD 1.7.*. It may be a good solution for Affinity, but very sad solution for our atelier. AD 1.6.* has many uncomfortable bugs and not stable sometimes, some are solved in AD 1.7.*... (Affinity should release hotfixes of 1.6.* before 1.7.*, I think, and it is more user friendly.) We will use AD & AP as sub-tools, and will not use 1.7.* or later. Thanks.
  7. Can we install Affinity 1.7.* on Windows 7 (with .netframe 4.6.*) ? ( Can we install AD1.7.* on Windows 7 without .net4.7.* ?) .net 4.7.* makes many troubles and I don’t want to install it, since some applications don’t work properly with it. If AD 1.7.* requires .net 4.7.* on Windows 7, I will NOT install AD 1.7.*. Pls understand compatibility problem of .net4.7.*... I don’t think it is NOT acceptable solution for AD on Windows 7.
  8. jetstorm

    Portrait of a woman (AD)

    New Year Card for 2019 (JPN Style, 2019 is a Year of Wild Boar)
  9. jetstorm

    Portrait of a woman (AD)

    Test (December 2018, Background — Cinema 4D, Stool — My Design)
  10. jetstorm

    Portrait of a woman (AD)

    Test (December 2018, Background Picture — Cinema 4D)
  11. jetstorm

    more experimental experimenting

    I love your photos and your ideas make me very exciting(and, of course, happy). Thank you ! Happy Holidays !!!
  12. jetstorm

    wintry scene

  13. jetstorm

    Portrait of a woman (AD)

    Test (November 2018) Linen — Almost ten days, I’ve been trying to draw(still now trying...).
  14. jetstorm

    wintry scene

    I can feel something from this picture. So..., for me, it's very interesting and good picture. Thanks. (I feel, B&W is a little bit softer, though... A little-little-little bit harder taste makes some message, maybe...)
  15. jetstorm

    Portrait of a woman (AD)

    Original file size is 3600x3600plxs ~ 4000x4000pxls, made with AD. These pics I upload here are 1000x1000pxls, so, the details of original are missing, unfortunately. All my pics I uploaded here are Test Work for the combination of Korean/Japanse traditional techniques and modern techniques. I've been making womens' pics for a Private Coll of my friend. So, I cannot show Final Output. Sorry. Please understand, I don't want to sell mes amies pour monnaie(de l'argent). I sent you information about my pics. If I sell my pics, Muses will never smile again. Merci. ============================== (Edit) I really am sorry. I cannot provide you any editable files of my pictures, such as AIs, EPSs, SVGs, etc... I do not sell any editable format files of my pics, and I do not provide any editable files of my pics for free. All pictures are protected under Copyright Laws in any country. So, do not modify my pics, please. If you need editable files, you'd better visit some commercial sites, such as Graphicriver, Creativemarket, etc... ==============================