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  1. Hi, Lenni Here my Check List is; When using any graphic softwares, turn off Anti-Virus, or put these folders in Exception List of Real Time Scan(for ex, Program/Adobe and Program/Common/Adobe, if you use Adobe products...,Program/Affinity and Program/Common/Affinity, etc...). If you meet with 1 or 2 sec freezing of mouse, and if you installed Realtek Audio Driver, you’d better install the latest version of Realtek Audio drv. It will improve this trouble. Wacom drv is C*n. So, you’d better install stable version, not the latest version. When using AD or AP, do NOT run other programs. If you use HDD for your C Drive, you have to defrag it. Microsoft changes very dramatically Win 10 every 6 months, especially Devices, Fonts, Display, DirectX, etc..., so, you may get various errors every 6 months. Be Cautious. And, do NOT install any Beta programs, if you want to keep your PC stable. About Official Release, Software company/house should have very serious responsibility for product quality. However, if you use Beta, it’s At Your Own Risk. Affinity products, same. I cannot understand some guys very easily say, try to install Beta, in this forum. It’s very Odd manner, isn’t it ? But, they don’t add this word, At Your Own Risk. If you want to join Beta test, or work for Affinity, please install Betas, but At Your Own Risk, though... (Betas have many new bugs, as you know.) When you’ll try to install Beta, you’d better use Uninstall Tools which generate install log. You’ll be able to check AD/AP implants good or bad seeds on your PC. I think Affinity products don’t run with sandbox or similar tools. So, use Uninstall tools, instead. And, you’d better establish stable workflow and environment for your work. If you want to use Wacom, you’d better find another or other choice/s, such as PS CS6 or....
  2. Hi, Lenni, Try to delete all files under, User/Your Name/Appdata/Roaming/Affinity/Designer/1.0/temp. Not Responding Error is very haunted major bug from first release of AD and AP Windows version. It is related with common modules(AF engine), maybe. I think ordinary Affinity users already know this very major bug, and it does NOT generate any crash report by AD and AP, only Windows generate Application Error(application hangs). I cannot understand why Affinity does not solve this very famous bug. What tool or application of Affinity generate crash report while AD and AP get Not Responding Error ? Not Responding means AD/AP is entirely and completely freezing up. Only Windows generates App Error in Event Log. If you check temporary folder under User...Local, you’ll find very interesting file related with this error. This major bug still remains in AD/AF 1.7. (When you get Unhandled Exception Error, you’d better check Graphic Card Driver or other Devices. When you get Not Responding Error, I never recommend you to update Graphic Driver or Windows. In this case, Driver Update is almost useless. To avoid this error; do not open many files, save file every 2 or 3 steps, do not open/make big size file, wait for a while after Export to terminate AD/AP process... Even if you do everything, you’ll get Not Responding Error often and randomly. And you have to kill AD/AP process with Task Manager. Input/Output/Import/Export/Conversion is/are very weak points of common modules of AD/AP, not yet fixed, unfortunately.)
  3. I love your photos and your ideas make me very exciting(and, of course, happy). Thank you ! Happy Holidays !!!
  4. jetstorm

    wintry scene

  5. jetstorm

    wintry scene

    I can feel something from this picture. So..., for me, it's very interesting and good picture. Thanks. (I feel, B&W is a little bit softer, though... A little-little-little bit harder taste makes some message, maybe...)
  6. jetstorm

    Kid Flash

    This pic is not a good sample, sorry. (I made this pic several years ago to explain how to make fantasy-like-natural-taste pic with average filter of Photoshop. This girl is Krystal, K-POP singer. I got her pic from internet, maybe. Background was Graphicriver, I think...) If you want to make good pic, practice, practice and practice, especially practice of Mask ! After you used any tools, you need to (very precisely and carefully) remove unnecessary pixels from pic, No Magik of Mask. Only you need is Patience ! First, remove unnnecessary parts(wall, etc...) from pic and get boy-layer. Adjust white balance, gamma, sharpness, etc... Sharp eyes and skin color are very important. Do not apply any effects at this step. Do not use blur, bokeh, etc... You need to get very clear image of boy. Because Boy is a hero of this pic, isn't it ? Prepare background(night scene), arrange color balance and very little blur. Prepare particle layer. If you use Photoshop, you can use many actions or layers(Graphicriver, Creativemarket, n'importe quoi). Now, you have three layers; top layer is particle, middle is boy and background layer. Then copy background onto a new layer and put this layer most top. If you use Photoshop, apply Average filter(opacity less than 10%). This step is very important to get natural taste. It's very popular technique for comibned-layer-pic. Finally, arrange opacity, color balance, etc of each layer, and merge them into a layer. Skin and Eyes are the Points !!! Bokeh or Blur is not a good solution for your pic, I think.
  7. jetstorm

    Advice For this Macro photo.

    It depends on what you want, and when you want to use this software in your workflow, I think. Cropping is a good way, I agree.
  8. jetstorm

    Advice For this Macro photo.

    If you don’t reduce it, you’ll do your work on very very big pic, it means, big image size and, of course, very big file size. If you have very cutting-edge graphic environment and huge memory, you don’t need to care, may be. But, this software actually requires quite strong GPU environment, as you know, maybe... If you don’t have good GPUs, this software works very very heavily, and sometimes(or often) freezes. (Generally, GPU-based softwares are less stable than CPU-based. And, computer hardwares are basically optimezed for CPU.) It’s my very personal opinion. Try it by yourself ! (Imagine... when you use Photoshop, for ex., and duplicate based layer again and again, its file size becomes bigger. 300x300 pxls pic is smaller than 1000x1000 pxls pic..., etc...)
  9. jetstorm


    Basically I'm not interested in Inktober(nor illustrations). But your work is special. It's really Art. I respect & love your great work.
  10. jetstorm

    Advice For this Macro photo.

    I only have knowledge and experience of Macro Photo with Nikon F(so, long-long-time-ago-story), and used 58mm(very first model of 58mm) with Macro Kit. If I were you, I use f1.2 -- f1.8, ISO 60 -- 100, slower than 1/100, maybe 1/60 (film, not digi), etc.... New 58mm is very good lense, very clear. I use this lens with Nikon Digi Cameras. (Photo Below ; My Nikon F and 58mm -- very first model) BTW, did you try this tool ? It is not hepful infomation for your photo, but, amazing tool. (Zoom --> Resize --> Zoom --> Resize... do not forget to reduce pic size after used this tool) Topaz A.I.Gigapixel 1.0.2 https://topazlabs.com/ai-gigapixel/
  11. Did you try to refresh icon cash of Windows 7 ? Delete icon cash and reboot your OS. I'm afraid, your Windows was corrupted before you installed AP/AD. (It was a trigger, but already your OS was corrupted. Do you do defrag ? And... never try registry optimizer such as CCleaner, etc... on Windows 7 or later, if you do not have enough knowledge of registry of Windows system. You should know it.) I think, it's very common problem of Windows OS. You'd better search icon cash and font cash of Windows 7 on internet. (Windows Explorer has a bunch of bugs and unstable. And... do you check Eventlog of Windows 7 every day ? Did you turn off your Anti-Virus tool when installing AD/AP ? Do you put AD and AP in exception of Real Time Scan ? Many Check Lists, isn't it ?)
  12. jetstorm

    B&W photos from Italy

    In my photo archives, there are 12,000 or more old photos of Italy. These two photos I uploaded were taken in Venice, during WW II (came from a museum of Venice). Watch these photos, and imagine what camera, lens and film a photographer used, aperture, focus, angle, etc... In the past, there were many many excellent photographers on this planet, they used their brain to take photos. So, try to find good old photos and learn various things from them. (You'll find the same or similar photos on internet, maybe.) Good Luck !!! (If copyright issue exists, please delete these photos. Thank you. I think it's OK, though...)
  13. jetstorm

    B&W photos from Italy

    Roman Holiday, isn't it ? I like more Kodak or Ilford taste, but, very nice photos. Good B&W photos require very huge knowledge of films, old cameras and old lenses. Anyway, good photos. I love them. Thank you.
  14. An advice. Let us know; What OS do you use ? Windows 7, 7 SP1, Windows 10, what revision/version of Windows 10, etc.. What Font do you use ? Fonts of Windows 7, 10 ? or other software house ? Font name, @ font or not ? How do you get the Fonts ? (come with Software ? what software ? etc...) These information will be helpful for your problem.
  15. Can you see JPN fonts on the Font List of Affinity Designer ? Make New File of AD, then, drop down fonts list of AD. Do you find your expected fonts on the lists ? In earlier version of AD, DBC(double byte code) fonts make freezing of AD for 1 or 2 minutes. If you cannot find your expected fonts in the list, you cannot use them within AD, maybe... After I met with DBC fonts problem of AD in earlier version, I don't use DBC fonts in AD, only use other fonts. Maybe, in the latest version, some fonts are skipped when loading fonts list(maybe..., am not sure, sorry), at least, freezing problem is solved. If you can use DBC fonts in Illustrator or other software, you'd better use it/them. TPO is the most important and convenient in any case. AD has very excellent vector control, better than Illustrator, of course. But, DBC fonts problem is haunted still now, I think. (And you should know, in the latest version of Windows 10, fonts and display function is changed, unfortunately some JPN companies don't understand it. Are you using @fonts of DBC fonts ? These fonts work properly on the latest version of Windows 10 or not ? These fonts are old one or not ? etc... you have to find out what is the cause of this problem.) Anyway, try to load fonts list of AD, and try to type your expected DBC fonts in AD.

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