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  1. Hi there! I’ve uploaded a few fonts to my Google Drive in order to install them using the Affinity D (iPad) font installation feature. Problem is: all font files appear greyed-out and not-selectable. There’s nothing I’ve tried that managed to change/fix this. Now, is this an Affinity D bug on the iPad? Or is it an Apple issue? Anyone experiencing this as well? Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Hi there! new user here, but fairly veteran on vector illustration tools - been using them for about 20 years now.. Can’t praise enough the tremendous amount of work you guys put into shaping this tool for the iPad! Awesome pack of features and functionality. I am, however, in these early days of exploration and learning, finding it extremely annoying to work with the Node tool. It is not responsive either with finger input or Apple Pencil. It takes a few milliseconds to a second to get a node to comply with a tap & drag command/gesture. And I am not talking about editing complex curves or shapes - I mean ANY shape or curve. And I am working on a top-of-the-line latest model iPad Pro full size. Never seen this sort of laggy responsiveness with node editing in other vector tools I’ve used, so I’m assuming some bug is lurking somewhere... will be looking forward to an update! Other than that, so far, I am loving this tool! It’s the vector app I’ve been hoping for since I got my first iPad! Cheers!

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