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  1. filter - perspective: it should work for the left side (which is in the grid an make it horizontal and vertical). unfortunately it did not work.
  2. you can not move the edges of the grid to the photo edges if the photo do have a border which should be removed
  3. often i do have handy scanned old pictures which are not straight due to the scanning. i am looking for a feature where you just pick the 4 edges or move a raster to the edges and affinity photo will do the perspective projection. there are some features as command-perspective-projection or filter-perspective, but none of them works “out of the box” to make scanned crooked pictures straight.
  4. hi together, is there a way to create a logo, which can be added to a 360 degree panorama (for e. g. to be used within facebook), within affinity photo ipad version? i have seen some tutorialqs for photoshop but i am wondering how create such logos with affinity photo on the ipad. thanks in advance for your answers.
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