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  1. Ok in the process of doing so. They're both collectively 10GB so it's taking a while. Also. here's something that may or may not be an issue. There's no "\Users\username\Library\Application Support\Affinity Photo\" folder. There's only Affinity Photo Beta. (Same for Designer as well, only Beta). Should that be?
  2. Oh sorry I wasn't clear with what my issue was. All my brushes that I've imported into AP over the years are no longer there. I've taken a snapshot for reference. There's normally a very long list of all my burshes in the drop down. This is all that's there now. (FYI I just imported the Frankentoon stuff just now.)
  3. Hey guys, not sure if this topic has already been brought up. All my brushes have disappeared in AP 1.8.2 update.
  4. Thanks Peter! I don't know why I constantly try to digitally draw things out of thin air lol.
  5. I'm a member of a Music Production/DJ group called Ultimate Rejects (UR). This piece was made using vectors and alot of stroke work with customized pressure graphs. The hand to the left is making the letter 'U' symbol in sign language and the hand on the right is making the letter 'R'. The hands were difficult too draw by memory as I'm not a natural artist so i drew it on paper first and imported a snapshot into the project. The image on the cap is our logo. Paying for artwork for our albums and singles became costly so I purchased AD & AP in Oct. 2016 so I def consider myself one of the 'day ones' lol. ~ Joel - Self taught Graphic Designer.
  6. Good day users, 95% of my projects I use 4000x3000 pixels,Type: Photo, DPI: 144 and then customize from there. Is there a way to save those particular settings under a 'User Preset' so I don't have to type them in everytime I open a 'New Document'?
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