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  1. My logo design idea! For warehouse company.
  2. Daviddesign

    Nail studio design!

    The logo design idea is the flower because the name “bellis” latin word it means daisy flower. thanks for youre feedback i want to learn because i want to better and better designer
  3. Daviddesign

    Nail studio design!

    Yeah this photoshop plan is small capital. But i send it print i corrected
  4. My last work for nail studio. Plan/printed Logo design Windowshop design namecard design
  5. Daviddesign

    My vector logo work some example

    Thanks for all feedback ! I have to learn a lot. the doubel D idea i “copyed “ from marvel daredevil. I think David Design is also double D and i made the third logo.
  6. Daviddesign

    My first minimal logo design for gallery

    Thank you guys for advice!
  7. Which version you prefer? I love minimal design.
  8. Daviddesign

    My vector logo work some example

    Thanks a lot for feedback. I join this forum for learn another designer and i got motivation for next work
  9. Daviddesign

    My vector logo work some example

    If you have any good idea for better way please write it! and which you choose of 3 examples. I prefer 3 the brown logo