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Found 47 results

  1. Hey guys! terrific job with the updates. Love the software...use it on a regular basis. One thing I love about affinity is that I got to make a really good combo with apple motion. That way...I was able to free myself from Adobe in every way (no more photoshop and no more after effects). The thing is that since I've updated to affinity photo 1.6.7 PSD export from photo to Apple Motion is broken . I've tried the 3 different modes and no luck. It just imports an empty canvas. That's sad because PSD is the only format that I can use because it does support layers (when it use to open them..anyways). I've also tried to export in EXR format (layered) but I got an error message saying I couln't. I know it's this affinity 1.6.7 because this issue is new to this version...it worked perfectly with the previous version. Can you guys give me a hand? I promise I´ll post a youtube video on how to do motion graphics with affinity photo and motion if you solve this for me ASAP. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best regards. Ben.
  2. Hello Everyone and Happy New Year. I am using AD side by side with CC in plan of total replacement in the near future, but I ran into some troubles when importing Ai files in AD and exporting from AD for later import in Ai, as my colleagues use Ai, what is the ideal export configuration that I can use so my colleagues using Ai can import without any problems, and what is the ideal Ai configuration that my colleagues can use so I can import in AD without any issues, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hi, please is Wacom Intuos Pro FULLY compatible with AP for Win? I mean including ExpressKey and all other functions. Want to know whether the investment is useful for me Thanks for info Jindra
  4. Hi. Adding PaintShop Pro compatible layer blending may incentivize / remove a roadblock for those of us looking to switch from Corel's PaintShop Pro. Paintshop's default "HSL" blend modes luminosity, color, hue, and saturation (often more useful than the "Legacy" modes) are not compatible (different results) with the Affinity/Photoshop (or virtually any program's) "HSL" blend modes of the same name ... only the ones labeled Legacy are. This would help those of us locked into Paintshop.
  5. Can one interchange AD work between the Mac and Windows Ad programs? Is there any problems when copying a layer created in Windows into the same doc on a Mac? Someone is helping me in a complex map book project with tons of graphics. He only has AD in Windows while my AD work is on a Mac. I do not some production problem when it comes to outputting the hi-level PDFs and sending them to the printer for publication.
  6. Hello to everyone! I am going to buy LENOVO MiiX 510-12ISK, 8GB, 256GB, 4G, Windows 10 Professional 64. I will use it for creating vector illustrations in Affinity Designer with Lenovo Active Pen. The question is: will it work well? Maybe anybody has tested this device with Affinity Designer? By the way, I couldn't find Lenovo Active Pen in my country (I live in Russia), only on Aliexpress - should I order the pen there?
  7. Cette publication en français Este post en español Questo post in italiano この投稿は日本語です 这个帖子用中文 Esta publicação em português Это сообщение на русском Dieser Beitrag auf Deutsch (Correct at time of writing) As detailed at the top of our App Store description - Affinity Photo for iPad supports iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad (early 2017). Please note that older iPads are not supported The Apple App Store hardware "Compatibility" list is automatically generated, and may list some iPad models that do not meet our minimum specification (2GB RAM, advanced 'Metal' acceleration and a minimum 9.7-inch screen). Currently Apple do not allow us to change that information to display the right list of iPads that we support, so it also includes unsupported models (of iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, Mini 3 & Mini 4). Serif would like our App store entry to say this list. "Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Wi-Fi (5th generation), and iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (5th generation)." We have requested that Apple modify the store submission process for this to avoid lower spec hardware being listed. If you have purchased the iPad version and do not own a compatible iPad you will need to contact App Store Support staff to request a refund here https://getsupport.apple.com/. then choose product iPad, In there choose "iOS and Applications" and select "App does not work as expected". Then on the next screen choose a method, for example "Report a Problem" Alternatively you can use their (English) contact form https://www.apple.com/emea/support/itunes/contact.html Serif suggest that you use this reason when you request a refund : “Affinity Photo does not work on my model of iPad. The iPad App Store 'compatibility' section suggests that my iPad model is supported by this software, but the minimum specification for "Affinity Photo for iPad" is an A8 GPU or above and 9.7 inch screen or above. Due to the fact that the store submission process does not have any way to exclude my model I did not know it would not work before buying. Serif also say that this iPad App Store limitation has been acknowledged by Apple”.
  8. I just downloaded the Affinity app since my iPad Air is listed in the compatibility list. Once I paid and downloaded it, it now tells me that it isn't compatible. Do you give refunds because of false advertising?
  9. Hi, What I'm really missing is a full-compatibility IMPORT FILTER for my DrawPlus designs without having to take all the EPS-trouble. Thanks & Keep up the really good work :) -AC-
  10. Hi, implementing the same kind of mesh-fill mode as known from Draw Plus would be a real plus for Affinity. BR -AC-
  11. 1) Is AFFINITY compatible -direct or indirect- with COREL products? 2) Will a boxed WINDOWS version of AFFINITY become available?
  12. I'm working in a Sketch shop and have to supply sketch files as deliverables - or at least for archive purposes. Copy/Paste from AD appears true visually so that's great. problem is that my careful organisation and labelling of elements in AD is lost. Given that Affinity is making a big play for UI use in 1.5, I think tidying up this part of the realworld workflow that many of us in this area have to deal with, is essential. Sketch has such a grip on this area, we need to be able to deliver editable files that are organized ande make sense to Sketch users. Obviously it's impractical to relabel everything on export, then do it again (once would be beyond practical) on the next export. Hoping this isn't a big ask - given the structure is there already - its just the labelling that's getting lost (I think)
  13. Hello everyone! I just needed to add some Japanese text to an image, which older versions of Affinity Designer / Affinity Photo didn't support. So I updated both of them. Afterwards, I tried to add the text in Affinity Photo, which resulted in weird letters. In Affinity Designer, however, it worked. Then I noticed that in Designer, 'File -> Edit in Photo' is greyed out. I thought this may have something to do with the Japanese letters which aren't supported by Photo yet. So I tried to drag and drop the file directly from Finder to Photo, which gave me an error saying the file version isn't supported by this Affinity version. But even after deleting the Japanese text in Designer, I wasn't able to open the file in Photo anymore. Any ideas what's happening? By the way, even when creating new files, I am not able to jump back and forth from Designer and Photo anymore using 'File -> Edit in Photo' or 'File -> Edit in Designer'. Also, even creating new files in Designer will not let me drag and drop the files to Photo (same error about not supported by this Affinity version). It is, however, possible to drag and drop new files created in Photo to Designer ONCE. After making changes to that file and saving, I cannot drag and drop it to Photo anymore. Versions used: Affinity Designer: 1.5.1 Affinity Photo: 1.4.3 TL;DR: - Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo file versions are not fully compatible anymore. - Jumping back and forth between Designer and Photo functionality ('File -> Edit in [Designer / Photo]') is broken. Best wishes, Shu EDIT: Just for reference, back in April I already posted about one of these issues here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/19560-3-problems-photo-designer-141/ (3rd issue there) I wasn't able to jump from Photo to Designer. Now I can't do that, nor can I jump from Designer to Photo. So this problem has even been made worse.
  14. Dear Designers, thank you for the latest update you made... we need the addition of the different colors in Bits because in photoshop we can save in 16 bits for CMYK LAB, the indexed colors... the gradient usage: diamond shape of gradient, reflected are needed. Languages: we need the ones from right to left too like Arabic with all accent variations and abilities to move them... like in Adobe.
  15. Hi, I have recently upgraded to Affinity Designer to version 1.5, however when I need to use Affinity Photo on my design there is no "Edit in Affinity Photo" option available and if an attempt is made to open a saved file which has been saved or created in Affinity Designer then a message is returned 'The file version is not supported by this version of Affinity.'. Is there a solution to this problem as much of my work involves working in both platforms with the same files?
  16. I don't usually rely on betas to do my main work but it seems like the only solution for me to open the file. Is there going to be an update to AP 1.4.x that will allow me to open AD 1.5 files? I am not sure if I want to rely on a beta.
  17. Hi, just wondering, will .afbrushes be compatible between the mac and windows version?
  18. Hello, everyone. I'm a new user just starting learning this amazing photo editing software. These days, I'm considering change my old SLR camera to a new one. However, after my friend's Sony NEX-3 failed to be recognized by Affinity Photos, I feel just confused. Would anyone tell me whether this software can be compatible with Sony E6300 (with 18-200mm)? Because it's not in the list given by the support list of affinity photo?
  19. I have what should be a fairly simple request. I would like the ability, when exporting a Tiff file, to be able to save it with the extension .TIF rather than .TIFF (i.e. the ability to use either). Currently when you try to change the extension, it will give you a warning and append a .TIFF extension on anyway. Why is this important? It's important for integration with some third party software, particularly Capture One. When using Capture One's "Edit With" functionality, Capture One uses the .TIF extension. When trying to save the edited file back out of Affinity Photo, you can only save as .TIFF so you can't save back over the edited file, meaning you then have to go to the finder and delete the .TIF version and rename the .TIFF version manually. This can also cause some problems in Capture One, because it get's confused. this could be avoided by being able to just save with the extension .TIF This currently works for Jpeg files, as you're allowed use either .JPG or .JPEG, so I'm suggesting that this be extended to work with Tiff files also One other related feature that I would love see too is the ability to change formats when saving, in the same way photoshop can, so that for example, you can save as a Tiff rather than having to go through the export process. Obviously you could get warnings telling you that you will loose some compatibility. This would also aid when using Affinity Photo with other software such as Capture One or Lightroom. Being able to save in the format that the document is currently in (with appropriate warnings) without having to go through the export process would be a real timesaver. Thanks, and I'm a big fan of this excellent software!
  20. Hi, I have an artwork originally created in Illustrator. Now I want to continue using it in AD, and on opening the file I saw the stroke was 1 pt, which was too fat. So I thought about reducing the strokes by selecting all and then go to stroke and set it to 0.7 pt. Which – at least on my machine – didn't work. So I had to select each line exclusively, resize stroke weight and than select the next line. Is there a quicker solution? Next change I'd like to realize is stroke style. Again, a repeating task, my goal is to set all strokes to the attached kind of style. Is there a way to create stroke styles that I then can apply to selected pieces of my art work? runtavomberg.ai
  21. Hi folks, I'm new to mac and I've been looking around for some good photo editing software to use for creating concept art. Affinity looks excellent for its price and I worked with Serif software before switching to mac so I know I'll be using good software. So I'd love the purchase it. But, my mac only has a 32-bit version of Yosemite OSX. I was wondering if the software would still work for what I wanted it for which is mainly painting using a pressure sensitive Wacom tablet. Any advice on this would be great Thanks!
  22. Just started using Affinity Designer. I have been wondering why when I copy an vector shape from Affinity and paste it in Sketch it gives me a bitmap file in Sketch. Doing the same thing from Illustrator to Sketch you get a vector shape. Anyone has any ideas? Thanks!
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