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  1. Hi MEB, thanks for your response. I can meanwhile confirm, that the linked layers feature is working quite well already in the current version, but only if created fron scratch in Affinity :-). (See attached sample design) BR AC PS: Forgot to mention, I'm using v 3D-sample-02.afphoto
  2. Hi, I'm experimenting with import of PSD files which contain multiple instances of one Smart Object for 3D text mockup (see 3D-sample-01.psd). The import works well, the link is kept and I can edit the text in one place and all the linked instances are showing my changes. (Using the Double-Click-To-Edit-Layer) Next I save it as affinity photo file (see 3D-sample-01.afphoto) and open it again. Now the link between the instances is broken and I find many separate embedded files which is a bit annoying. My cross check with similar effects created fron scratch in Affinity Photo shows a much friendlier behaviour, even after saving and re-opening the links between the instances are kept. BR AC 3D-sample-01.psd 3D-sample-01.afphoto
  3. Hi folks, by accident I found out that those Live Filters from Affinity Photo are working very well also in the Designer environment. It's as simple as cut&paste a filter layer from a Photo project into a Designer project. I've tried to upload a small example with two effects... So why not make the filters available directly in the Designer Filter Menu? Best regards, AC Lens Effect.afdesign
  4. Hi Folks, how about adding BITMAP and VECTOR fillmodes as available in Serif DrawPlus? Such a feature would be highly appeciated, as saving a lot of tedious masking and cropping of objects. Anyways, you are doing a realy great job :-) BR, A.C.
  5. Hi, implementing the same kind of mesh-fill mode as known from Draw Plus would be a real plus for Affinity. BR -AC-
  6. Hi, What I'm really missing is a full-compatibility IMPORT FILTER for my DrawPlus designs without having to take all the EPS-trouble. Thanks & Keep up the really good work :) -AC-
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