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  1. Ok, @DM1 & @Alfred... just know that if my iPad suddenly does a backflip and turns into Megatron, I'm holding you both personally responsible..
  2. Allllrighty then. That’s good to hear. Really appreciate the feedback.
  3. More coolness lol. Ran across this when I was researching the update. ➡️
  4. Oh that’s good to hear, thanks! ➡️
  5. I’m on iOS 11.1 on iPad Pro 10.5. Not sure if I should update to 11.2.6, b/c of all of the reported issues. There seem to be some pretty dramatic screw-ups in that update. But the App Store won’t let me purchase or download Affinity unless I’m on 11.2.6. Is there a way for me to download an older version for iPad that’ll work on 11.1? I’m really interested in this app! Thanks in advance!