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  1. Please add Stock Studio, for me adding Stock Studio to Affinity Designer is very useful as a Package Designer you always need a picture/vector to add into your design without the need to switch to other window.
  2. Thanks for the help, it worked!, by resetting things it came back again, it wasn't the perfect solution but it worked.
  3. Here is another screenshot, for the first screenshot I tried to hide some info of a project that I was working on so it looked weird sorry for the confusion.
  4. here a screenshot of what I am getting when I click customize toolbar
  5. Thanks again thomaso, also tried that out but it didn't work.
  6. Thanks for replying, I can show/hide tools & studios but not the toolbar and context toolbar.
  7. I was working in Separated mode, I hided toolbar but then couldn't make it appear again no matter how much I try, I restarted the app and my Mac several times, switched separated mode on/off several times but nothing worked, I have AF 1.7.2, please help.
  8. I also really need this feature since I use it almost everyday(Using Adobe Illustrator), as I usually work on designs that were done on other software like CorelDraw & Ai, but at the same time I appreciate the work done by Serif; StudioLink, Save History, Snapshots, the Speed of the apps, and many other things that cannot be found on Ai or CorelDraw, but at the same time I still wish to have this feature as soon as possible, and hope that Serif hear us and know the importance of this feature for many users.
  9. great announcement, is there any way to watch again the Keynote?
  10. I use this feature a lot on Ai, I hope Affinity will add it soon so I can rely more and more on AD.
  11. Thanks for the reply, I meant when I select a color in the artwork which is spot color, AD only shows the color in CMYK even if the color is sport color, I attached a picture for you reference(the picture is from macOS but the I intended to do the same on iPad)
  12. When I select Spot Color(Pantone Color) the color is shown in CMYK formulation. How to know what color is selected in Swatch Library?,
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