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Found 187 results

  1. Sometimes, while working in a doc with text frame text above a box with colour I make one click in the box with colour and suddenly it no longer has that colour. I suspect that somehow I have initiated an AD method that allows one simply to click on a box of colour and drop in the previously used colour (or no colour, as the case may be). However, I have yet to figure out just what sequence of clicks has done this. The mouse clicks are not used CMD, OPT, etc. but only a simple left-mouse click. Is this an AD method or a bug? Thanks.
  2. Hello, It would be really nice to be able to see a live preview when selecting a sampled colour in Pixel Persona as an overlay or black and white mask. Currently it shows an approximate result while dragging a slider ( dashed lines ). Extracting clour range ( sampled colour ) and using it as a layer mask or fx layer is a common practice in compositing. Architectural visualizations for example. I can select a sampled colour and click Refine to check if what i did was ok, but it is always a guess. Designer is a GREAT program, but I really miss this feature. I am testing Affinity Photo Beta for Windows and I can't see this kind of tool as well. ( Pixelmator has it BTW ;D ). I know it is a beta so maybe it is a good time to point it out. Performance-wise, maybe taking a screenshot and previewing selection mask on a low-res image is a good idea? Best Regards, Marcin Mirkowicz.
  3. Hi Folks, After a spot of help again... So I have a design whereby I have three similar shapes, Each a different colour at present. I now need to match all three. Is there an easy way of matching the colour exactly? Cheers folks Mark
  4. Hello, I drew a pair of spectacles with the curve tool. I started with the outline of the frame, then i drew each of the lenses. Now I want to fill it with colour, so that only the frame is coloured while the lenses stay transparent - like glasses are. But instead of only the frame the whole space is filled, including the lenses. I tried several approaches, but no one did work. How can I do it right? I'm new in AD. Maybe the solution is super easy, but in the moment in can't see it. File is attached Thank you. Brille.afdesign
  5. This is the new bug I've experienced. It does not matter what kind of colour I choose but it ALWAYS changes to purple or something like that. I closed the software and opened later and still that the same issue is there. Is anyone dealing with that problem also?
  6. I have received .psd & .eps file pairs from our designer (Adobe CS user). There are 3 pairs, each pair with a certain icon design and colour gradient (attached). If I open each .psd and .eps pair in Photoshop, they show identical results/values (as they should). In AP, the .eps files open up as per Photoshop, but the .psd files all have incorrect values for the colour gradients ... Archive.zip
  7. hi guys, Im a UI/Ux designer, a really hate making illustrations in sketch so I do that in affinity designer. the problem is when I import my vector into sketch, the colours go all weird. (see attachment) I found out the both sketch AND affinty use sRGB, so i dont know why. Affinity has some settings I can tweak but non seem to help, and sketch just uses sRGB. https://sketchapp.com/learn/documentation/15-other/4-color-management.html is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Cheers, guys.
  8. horslip

    Adding some atmosphere.

    Here is an edit I did in AP to bring a bit of light, atmosphere and warmth to an otherwise dull forest scene. All comments, good and bad, welcome. Joe
  9. I suggested this in the Designer Mac Beta Thread but I also wanted to post it here in the Features Requests as it is technically a request. I would like to see the ability to drag and drop colour swatches from the Colour Palette on to objects in Designer. I would also like to be able to drag and drop objects into the colour palette and have a swatch made of the same colour. Thanks, Hokusai
  10. Can try my attach file. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7n-BQa9vAhncXVienh5V2hpWjg&usp=sharing
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post here. As a graphic designer with more than 15 years of experience and someone who's been looking for an alternative to Adobe products, I've been testing Affinity Designer Beta for a while and I'm really amazed what can be achieved with such great input from users and by developers who listen! Right now I use Affinity Designer Beta along with Adobe Illustrator, testing, comparing, trying to achieve similar goals using both. It is great that developers from Affinity are not trying to make a copy of Adobe products and finding mostly better solutions with users in mind, but there are times, when I'm really in a hurry and I'm forced to do certain things in Illustrator. There are things that slowing me down A LOT in Designer, and the major one is colour picking. Right now I just cannot find any other way then: - selecting an object - moving cursor to the top right corner - grabbing a colour picker - choosing a colour - moving cursor to the top right corner again - and then finally selecting it. All this takes far too much time for such simple operation, so I gave it a lot of thought, and came up with something that I believe will work great. First of all, what's needed is a one button shortcut for the Colour Picker tool like the "i" in Illustrator, and then we can use the loupe from Designer to create even better experience and this is how it could look like: - select Colour Picker tool via one button shortcut, then - pick a colour from any object by just clicking on it - OR - HOLD on any object for 2 seconds to change the cursor to LOUPE for more precise colour selection! - boom! And now the most obvious thing - if you don't have any object selected, this action will just choose a colour which will be selected when new object is created, but when you DO have an object selected, this action will APPLY the colour you've just chosen to the already selected object. Advantages: much fewer moves and clicks, less distracting and keeps you focused on what you're currently working on, intuitive and when gives more control by using loupe for precise colour selection without any additional clicks or moves. All this would speed up everything tremendously! If this or something similar has been already discussed, or if there is any solution to that which is already implemented and I simply don't know about it, please let me know. I wonder what you all think about it! Best Regards!!!
  12. Hello If I drag the cursor around the colour field/wheel in the colour palette, the colour of the selected object adapts instantly. When doing the same in the colour chooser window, the selected object only changes its colour when I start dragging and after I released the mouse button. Is this by design or a performance issue? The rectangle with the example colour in the colour chooser window does adapt instantly. Thanks Bauke
  13. I have some stock AI files that I purchased from a stock library and when I open them in Affinity Designer, all the colour shift from what I'm wanting them to be. I can't figure out how to shift them back! When the files are opened, I get a message popping up saying a profile has been applied to the unprofiled document. It applies US Web Coated SWOP v2. Is there a way to change what profile is applied by default? What am I supposed to be doing? I have been to the document setup panel and tried both assigning a profile, and also converting to a profile, but the colours always remain the same and don't match the colours of the same file when opened in any other applications. Here is the same file opened in Designer and Photoshop. This is a drastic colour shift that I can't understand.
  14. Hi I've been testing Affinity Photo (AP), and about to test Affinity Designer. This is a general question, part of which is an analysis I'm doing, after answering someones technical question on LinkedIn. The author of the post was confused with getting varying numeric values from CMYK to RGB and HEX I used AP to try out the colour sliders and chooser interface. Can anyone answer why values differ from a given CMYK value? Example: CMYK 65 0 100 0 AP Sliders = LAB 89 -70 82 / RGB 89 255 0 / HSL 99 100 50 / WEB RGB 59FF00 AP Chooser = LAB NIL / RGB 128 177 62 / HSL 86 48 47 / # HEX (CSS) 80B13E If anyone is interested, I have created a spreadsheet of my other findings. Ideas, thoughts? Dee
  15. Is there a way to add a Pantone swatch from the Pantone palette into the document swatches and for it to retain it's name, rather than changing to 'Global Colour x'? Specifically relevant for spot colours from the Pantone Solid Coated & Uncoated books. eg if I select 'PANTONE 205 C; and then add it to my document swatches palette it will be renamed 'Global Colour 1'. If I export a pdf then the colour swatch in the pdf will also be called 'Global Colour 1' Do I have to manually rename the colour back to it's pantone name each time? Also, if I want to change the global colour to another Pantone colour , the edit colour palette won't let me search for another colour by name or show a list. I have to guess from the swatches which is my new colour. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  16. Have you logged this to the lists? I think it's not too hard to fix because swapping color can work very good on any shapes. Cheers. :)
  17. Hi Working with the sampling tool is great right now, although I think it would be useful if we could sample the average of multiple pixels. What do you think? Best regards Bauke
  18. I have some colour profiles but it is not showing up. Where should they be kept so that I can use them for screen and output to inkjet printer.
  19. Hi, new to the program as I was running it on a 10 day trial and had no problems. Today though I cannot see any photos I open from downloads or desktop in Affinity as the background is black and the image is invisible. Never happened on the trial - can anyone help please?
  20. What's the quickest way to replace a colour in multiple objects? e.g. I want to change all instances of colour A to colour B. For instance, in Freehand you could do a Find and Replace, or drag a colour onto the swatch colour. The 'Edit Fill...' option doesn't seem to change the linked colours. Thanks.
  21. Hi all! Am I doing something wrong or is working with gradients is not intuitive. Gradient tool is great, flexible and fast by itself, but when I need to change the colours it becomes frustrating. The colour circle is representing the gradient, but when you click it you are given a choice to select 1 colour, not the gradient range.
  22. I have been doing car designs on Affinity Designer for a while now, but have never seemed to have been able to colour them in using the fill tool. Any help? Porsche 918 Spyder.afdesign
  23. Update Dropdown What I did was think about components and what parts belong to what. And for this model to be clear from the UI / UX perspective, it means that the other colour options should be separated into their own panels due to their unique attributes. In my experience, I would recommend removing the colour wheel--it adds no functionality that the sliders can't provide and adds a level of complexity to maintain in the long run. I can't keep working for free, so, this is it from me. ----- Previous -----
  24. Hi, How do I change the colour of contents created by the brush on a pixel layer? I want to change to selected item. Please see attachment. Thanks a lot in advance! Soren
  25. Hi, I have searched for this answer but cannot locate it. When opening a psd file in Affinity, the colour shifts to a warm orange/red hue compared to photoshop. Exporting to photoshop is fine-it opens with the correct colours but open again in Affinity and the colours shift back again. The original file has Adobe RGB (1998) embedded I have checked preferences and this is also shown as the colour profile in Affinity. Its almost like it is applying a totally different colour space. Clearly I have missed something but don't know what Appreciate any advice Rgds Tony