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  1. I was so hoping to create ebooks with AP. To discover that is not possible is a dive back to old publishing programs, of which there are many. The popularity of ebooks is a huge and growing market for self publishers and commercial publishers. What were you thinking guys? The name Affinity Publisher held such promise. As you have guessed, this is one long time customer who is very disappointed.
  2. I regret being unable to reply swiftly, Stokerg. Thank you for your request, which fortunately poked me in the eye as soon as I opened the web page. Yes that worked.
  3. Mes excuses pour ne pas avoir répondu rapidement, Wikinger. J'ai fait ce que tu as suggéré et ça a marché! Merci beaucoup.
  4. I wanted to copy a girls face from one photograph and paste it on to another. I checked that all layers were unlocked. Added the required mask, as in the video, as I progressed. Made a selection with the Elliptical Marquee Tool. Used Ctrl+C. Went to the other photo and pasted, Ctrl+V Up to this point there were no problems. Tried to click on the white arrow of the Move Tool but it was not working. No change to it just did not respond to my clicking. I tried the keyboard V, nothing. I then noticed a Windows green bar above the program telling me the program had stopped working. Closed down and started again, several times, with the same result. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks. I was following this tutorial:
  5. We have all had the problem of selecting a sky when most of the sky can be seen through gaps in the leaves and branches of a tree. It can take ages to accurately select every tiny gap to complete the selection of the sky. If we miss a few tiny gaps the result looks awful. Other programs, GIMP is an example, have selection tools which can select all areas of the sky, including those pesky gaps, with just one click. Of course it may be necessary to adjust the settings for that tool to capture clouds as well as the blue sky. If other programs can do it how about such a tool for Affinity Photo? (If you are not familiar with GIMP I'm talking about the 'Select by Color Tool'.)
  6. Bonjour, Pas de problème, il est décevant que le classeur contienne quelques leçons qui ne produisent pas les résultats présentés. Cependant, le programme est si bon qu'il est d'une grande aide que des membres avancés comme Owenr nous aident à surmonter ces obstacles mineurs. Meilleurs voeux et puissions-nous progresser ensemble. S'il vous plaît pardonnez mon mauvais français (de Google translate).
  7. Thank you so much, Owenr, for your explanation. I shall work with all your excellent suggestions.
  8. Thank you for your kind comment, Wikinger. Yes, I tried that but the arrow has no effect. The black and white options are stuck fast. I also selected black from the colours palate, which gave me two blacks. On trying Edit > Fill nothing happened to fill the photograph with black, but the Tool Bar switched to a two row short version. See image below.
  9. Affinity Photo Workbook arrived in good condition Beautifully designed and produced. The disappearing blues lines are a bit of a niggle when trying follow where they go. The lessons are good and pretty easy to follow but naturally there is heck of a lot to remember. So repeating the lessons is essential for me. This not for dummies. I am having problems with the Disintegrate Effect (Page 398 to 399). On Page 396, Paragraph 2, the instructions read: 'On the Layers Panel select the Smudge layer, click Mask Layer and then chose Edit > Fill. As we've set the Primary colour in the Swatches Panel already, ensure Primary Colour is enabled to fill with black; this hides the entire layer for now but we'll paint it back later. Click Apply.' I follow all instructions faithfully but on selecting Edit Menu > Fill, the primary colour Black switches to White of its own accord. I have repeated the lesson numerous times and always get the same result. Am I a dummy or are others experiencing the same problem? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. You are correct, Alfred. I have the jpg images in a folder for easy access. That's not my problem. I don't seem to be making my request for information clear. I'll try again: If you watch the Uplift Epic Skies video tutorial you'll see the skies .jpg images displayed above the photograph loaded into the work space. (I'm sure if you have watched the video you'll know exactly what I mean.) My question is: can the Windows version of Affinity Photo display the sky images from Uplift Epic Skies (afmacros) in the same or a similar way? If you have not see the video it's here:
  11. From your kind comment I guess it's hard to know what is happening in Windows when you are sitting at a Mac. I know the images are on my hard drive. Let's accept that. On the training video the sky images are beautifully displayed and available to drag on to the image already loaded. This does not happen in Windows. What I am asking is: is it possible to view the sky images in a similar way to what is shown in the training video using a Windows OS?
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